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The big day of printers

Yesterday was a particularly interesting day for those awaiting the release of new printers on the market. In fact, three manufacturers have announced the immediate or short-term availability of particularly interesting products on the American market.

Epson began to launch three inkjet printers. These are the Stylus Color 777 / 777i (six pages per minute), the Stylus Color 880 (nine pages per minute) and the Stylus Color 980 / 980N (10.5 pages per minute). The prices vary, always on the American market, from $ 99 for the economic 777 (14 more if you choose the 777i version which has the plastic in the colors of the iMac) up to 280 for the 980.

Among the main features Epson reports that all printers, which are part of a project to modernize the range, now have a reduced size and very silent mechanisms. Technologically the most interesting aspect is that on the 980N version a card is fitted as standard that allows connection via FireWire or Ethernet to increase the speed of transmission of print data. All printers have USB and serial connections as standard and are available (except for the 777 which will arrive in October) immediately on the US market

The printers that yesterday were presented by HP are all aimed at a higher level of consumers. Also in this case there are three models, DeskJet 990C, PhotoSmart 1215 and PhotoSmart 1218, each of which has a high quality printing technology with a 1,200 × 2400 dpi photographic mode. The speed of the Deskjet and PhotoSmart 1218 is very high, reaching 12 pages per minute in color printing (17 in B / W printing). The 1215 instead reaches 15 pages in B / W and 12 in color. Interesting availability on PhotoSmart models of a slot for CompactFlash and SmartMedia that allows printing directly from the media used in digital machines. Finally, for the most demanding and PowerBook users, the printers also have the possibility of an infrared connection. The DeskJet has been available on the American market already this month, the PhotoSmart since October.

Lastly, IBM also announced yesterday the first entry-level laser printer compatible with the Mac world, the Inforprint 12. Characterized by reduced dimensions and weight and a gray case, the Big Blue printer reaches 1200 dpi and has been tested for a work cycle of 20,000 monthly pages. The price was set at $ 399 and will be available in the US starting at the end of the month.