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The best 7 Flamingo Twitter alternatives for Android

Thanks to the infamous Twitter token policy, one of the best third-party Twitter clients, Flamingo, has been removed from the Play Store. While existing users will still be able to use the app, they will remain unavailable to others. Boasting more themes, a pop-up preview mode and other features that are not included in the official Twitter app, Flamingo was undoubtedly one of the best alternative Twitter clients. Well, don't worry, because if you're looking for an alternative to Flamingo, we've turned your back on you. Read on as we present our list of the 7 best Flamingo Twitter alternatives on Android you can use:

1. Talon for Twitter

The non-economic quality and Talon the personification. Talon for Twitter is one of the best alternative Twitter clients, which also makes it an excellent alternative to Flamingo. Boasting a large feature suite with images of quality and breathtaking performance, Talon offers a Twitter experience like no other.

Similar to Flamingo, Talon yes basa also on the Material Design user interface, which provides a great overall user experience. Talon removes also all advertisements from Twitter, which makes them far superior to most of its competing apps. The app also offers "Night mode" and a "Do not disturb" mode . The sidebar also completely customizable, giving the user options to add or remove features he likes or dislikes. Also, similar to Flamingo, you can use Talon for Play Twitter videos and GIFs directly, without leaving your timeline. All in all, while Talon certainly expensive, it offers features and an experience that is much bigger than any other, making it one of the best Flamingo alternatives.

Download: ($ 2, 99)

2. Fenix ??2 for Twitter

Fenix ??was one of the best alternative Twitter clients when it was presented and its recent update has increased the app's reputation even more. Offering a clean and tidy interface with many underlying tools, Fenix ??2 a great Twitter client and an excellent Flamingo alternative.

While the material user interface might be the standard these days, Fenix ??2 offers a rather refined and less problematic variant of the user interface, which surprisingly a pleasure to use. Similar to Flamingo, Fenix ??2 also offers support for multiple user accounts, while it makes the process go from one to another almost without interruption. You get one fully customizable main screen, where your saved listings and searches can be just a click away. Also, if you are someone who uses a lot of Twitter DMs, well, Fenix ??2 offers a excellent layout of conversations that's quite interactive. Plus, you have the option of multiple light and dark themes, just like you get on Flamingo. While Fenix ??2 also has a paid app, definitely a great alternative to Flamingo.

Download: ($ 2, 49)

3. TweetCaster for Twitter

TweetCaster probably an app that remained active until Twitter and continues to grow. Offering a lot of features and unparalleled performance, TweetCaster a reliable and reliable alternative to Flamingo .

I will not deny the fact that the user interface may not appeal to some . Hell, I didn't like it at first. However, using the app for a while, you realize how it is practical and light the TweetCaster app . And despite everything, it still manages to incorporate all the main features required by your Twitter client. You can get multiple support accounts and various themes like Flamingo, an option to save links and read them later, a sliding and resizable widget and much more. There is also one function search for research, which allows you to search only your timeline, that of someone else or everyone. Trust me, once you get used to TweetCaster's light interface, you won't be able to go back.

Download: (free, with in-app purchases)

4. Twidere for Twitter

While most third-party clients on Twitter offer plenty of features and great support, what makes Twidere unique is that the app completely open-source and 100% free and it has features that allow it to compete with other paid options in the Play Store. Although the app can also be used for Fanfou, Mastodon and StatusNet, we'll focus on the Twitter aspect.

Twidere, a complete Twitter client, offers a near-perfect material user interface, combined with powerful features. The app has its own ad-blocker, similar to Flamingo, so you see a clean and unfiltered Twitter timeline. Moreover, just like Flamingo, you also have a night mode, to navigate easily at night. There is support for multiple accounts, in addition to the ability to schedule your tweets while you are offline . Twidere incorporates Even the tabs in its user interface, so you can assign a card for your home, specific hashtags or search results, and what not. All in all, Twidere a very powerful Flamingo alternative that I would easily recommend to anyone out there.

Download: (free, with in-app purchases)

5. Finch for Twitter

Now, many of you have relied on Flamingo mainly for its great user interface, which puts many apps, particularly the official Twitter client, to shame. Consequently, one of the most beautiful and feature-rich apps, Finch, should be a valid replacement for Flamingo.

Finch for Twitter offers a clean and informative timeline presented in cutting-edge material design, which is second to none. With features like material support for accounts, multiple themes and an interface personalized user for tablets, Finch for Twitter on par with Flamingo. There is also a powerful chronological filter, along with an option to view the various tweets on the timeline in a list or in a tab format. Finch also offers an interface much cleaner for all of your Twitter DMs, which makes the app a handyman. If the beauty of the brain were a concept that existed between the apps, Finch would probably be the best example for Twitter.

Download: (free, with in-app purchases)

6. Plume for Twitter

Plume for Twitter another app that offers a myriad of features, all hidden under a basic user interface. If a great user interface you're looking for, Plume probably isn't for you. However, if you loved Flamingo for its features, Plume is something that comes close to being a great alternative to Flamingo.

With the support of multiple Twitter accounts, Twitter online conversations, a lockscreen widget, more themes and the ability to share directly on Facebook, Plume has virtually all the basic ingredients of a third-party client. However, similar to Flamingo, Plume comes with the internal browser, support for your URLs, the ability to automatically complete hashtag and Twitter username and much more . You can even use the app for live streaming content directly. There is also the function of sharing photos with Twitter, Twitpic, YFrog, Mobypicture, While the user interface still quite simple and requires adding more elements to the default column layout, Plume for Twitter still a very capable, light and powerful Flamingo alternative.

Download: (free, with in-app purchases)

Bonus: the official Twitter customer

Now I know that there have been reasons to switch to a third-party Twitter client and, to be honest, the list can be quite long. A third-party Twitter client offers numerous customization options, a cleaner user interface, zero ads, themes, better search features and what not. However, the official Twitter client has an advantage over all these apps, and that is the app officially supported by Twitter itself.

With the recent changes in the Twitter API, all third-party apps will end up, like Flamingo. As such, the move to the official Twitter client seems inevitable, so why not switch now? You still have a decent night mode, the possibility of tweeting 280 characters, a live streaming system and much more. Also, if you're someone who prefers a lightweight version of Twitter, there's always Twitter Lite.

Download: (free)

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7 best Flamingo alternatives for Android

Well, this was our list of the best Flamingo alternatives available for Android users. While my personal favorite choices are Talon and Finch, your choices may vary. However, it's worth stressing that I use the official Twitter app and, with the new API changes coming in, you should do it too. However, as long as it does not happen to us, the list of Flamingo alternatives shown above should help you select an excellent third-party Twitter client that offers you the same user experience as Flamingo.

So which of the above apps do you prefer the most? Share with us your choices and experiences in the comments below.