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The app that turns your smartphone into a camera from the last century

Forget the decades of evolution of digital photography, with WhiteAlbum you can finally take photos on the iPhone as if you were in 1994

(Photo: WhiteAlbum)(Photo: WhiteAlbum)

Ah, analogue photography … For some real passionate stuff, for others synonymous with vintage filters on Instagram. If you are in the second category and have an iPhone at your fingertips, from today you can finally relive the thrill of twentieth century technology in all its glory. Eyes closed in group photos, selfies (or rather, self-portraits) out of frame, panoramas scorched by overexposure.

In short: disasters of all kinds, impossible to visualize if not after let the roll develop in the laboratory. WhiteAlbum an app for nostalgic and hipster, a software paradox that resets the digital evolution clock by simulating the behavior of a disposable camera on a phone. Such as?

The application provides you with a virtual roll of 24 photos. After each shot, the result ends up in memory without giving you a way to see the preview and then to repeat the shot if necessary: ??if you have the feeling that something has gone wrong, it touches youconsume another shot to remedy the error. Otherwise you cross your fingers and go over.

Once your film is finished, your works of art are sent to you at home, printed on photographic paper for the price of 20 dollars (shipping costs included). Not a little, but do you want to put?


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