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The 50 best apps of 2014

From Office to Ingress via SwiftKey here's what to download on iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones

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The end of the year is the best time to reflect on the 365 days we have left behind. We at Wired obviously do it our way, looking at the best apps released on iTunese Google Play.

The choice was not easy, considering that every year they enter the App Store about half a million of new applications, but despite this immense amount of icon, our attention as users often focuses on a few titles.

Thanks to advertising, word of mouth and above all the rankings that we find in the virtual store, we can see how our downloads are concentrated especially towards a handful of applications that in a few days become unmissable.

Office which becomes free, Ingress from Google or a videogame masterpiece like Papers, Please are just some of the apps that they shouldn't missing in our smartphone, as well as the other 47 you will find in our ranking. In our opinion there is no better way to embrace this 2015 and good download to everyone.


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