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The 5 strangest apps ever invented

From virtual boyfriends to health applications of dubious utility: here is the ranking of the 5 strangest apps ever invented for iOS and Android

By now becoming a natural extension of our hand, smartphones accompany us at all times of the day. From the awakening, when the first thing we do is take a peek at the display to check that we have not lost anything important during the night, when we are together, when too often the protagonists are the mobile phones. If used with the right moderation, for, they are really useful devices and taking care to put the offers with mobile phone included in comparison we will also manage to grab a last generation model without spending a fortune.

More than smartphones, the real ones the protagonists of the 2.0 era are the apps, smartphone and tablet applications that respond to every conceivable need. From dating apps to find love thanks to your smartphone to an endless series of applications with background (more or less) health, the possibilities are truly endless. And, of course, there is no lack of absolutely absurd inventions, to be downloaded just to try them and have a good laugh with friends. In this regard, here is the ranking of the 5 strangest and funest apps ever put on the market.



We know, we women care about certain things: it is never that if our boy does not write to us for more than half an hour because he has already set his sights on another beautiful daughter. With BroApp, available for free on iOS and Android, the most forgetful boyfriends will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. In fact, it will be enough for you to enter the phone number of your girlfriend and the type of messages to send to preset deadlines. And since in these cases the secrecy is a must to avoid running into even worse outbursts, BroApp even has a password: in the event that your sweetmeat should snoop around on your smartphone and type in the wrong credentials, the application will automatically show you a list of gifts that you thought to do them …. as no!

Amazing Girlfriend Manager


Remaining on the subject of amorous applications, we find Amazing Girlfriend Manager, available at a cost of 0.89 euros only for iPhone. This application allows incurables tombeur de femmes to memorize effectively all the recurrences and important information related to each conquest, assigning to each girl a number of hearts proportional to the level of loving involvement. In this case, however, it is of vital importance for the health of the person concerned that the damsels in question do not get their hands on their smartphone, given that the app is not protected by any password.



Who in the morning remains in a state of categorical silence at least until the coffee break and who is more sociable and hyperactive than a child who has eaten too much sugar. Here, for the latter Wakie is the ideal solution for waking up chatting: the time set will in fact be the call of a stranger to let us start a new day with the right charge. The application available free for Android and iPhone.



After a half-blessing from the Vatican, immediately rectified, of course, the AP Confession has won thousands of faithful. At a cost of 1.59 euros, this application, available only for iOS, allows for a guided examination of conscience and from time to time to record the sins committed, all clearly protected by private access credentials. Based on the information entered, such as age, gender, time elapsed from the last confession, etc., Confession helps us to reflect on our mistakes and to self-assign the deserved penance.



Advertising on television is not enough to remind us how important intestinal regularity is, now comes PoopLog, the free application for Android devices. Labeled as a healthcare app (not a game!), PoopLog not only helps you monitor your normal biological functions, but, in case you are interested in sharing the happy event, it allows you to post the progress of your gut to the social media. After this, I'd say we've all seen them!


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