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Thanks to Green Day the videos arrive on the iTunes Music Store (also in Italy)

Every Tuesday the iTunes Music Store has some new features, in this case it represents the arrival of the commercialization of music video clips in countries where until now it was not possible to buy such videos in a format suitable for the new iPod that manages videos.

Apple does not say so explicitly and perhaps this event happens due to some kind of error on the servers of Cupertino but the fact is that countries like Italy, Switzerland and others for two days can buy video clips in their currency.

You will remember that with the arrival of the videos on the iTunes Music Store in practice only the United States benefited from all the news in this sector: viewing trailers of the first-run movies (free), video clips to buy, short films by Pixar to buy and some TV series to buy for single episodes or for entire seasons.

Australia still did not have its own iTMS in those days, but now that it exists we can verify that the video offer is limited as in many other countries to Pixar short films, to some video clips and of course to the vision of the movie trailers, while the tribute of a free song a week, fortunately for them, already active.

Not in all the other twenty countries it has so far been possible to buy videos to be viewed then in the new fifth generation iPod.

Among these is Italy, which has never had a Pixar short film, a video clip and much of the American TV shows from ABC / Disney. The only cases that appeared in Italy were bundles and a video / interview with a newly introduced album.

Thanks to Green Day for something changed.

The iTMS USA sends subscribers a newsletter every Tuesday, telling all the news of the online music store and this week the "cover" was dedicated to Green Day and their "Bullet in a Bible – an exclusive video album of the Idiot tour" , which is nothing but a collection of videos shot in the concerts of the tour that ended some time ago.

This video-album was evidently made available also to the countries that the videos up until then could not buy them, because clicking the link on the newsletter, the page of this record product appears in iTunes in the iTunes Music Store of the country that is usually visited.

That is, if the last time you visited the US digital music store, the Green Day album will appear in the version for sale in the US, similarly, if the store was visited in the Italian version, the album Green Day will be on sale regularly in euros for our nation.

"Bullet in a Bible" contains 15 videos plus a digital booklet illustrating the album, each video clip costs $ 1.99 as well as every other video clip on the iTunes Music store, instead the whole album costs $ 14.99 representing a price in favor of $ 29.85 for the total number of individuals and even excluding the digital passbook.

But "Bullet in a Bible" with the same link is also found in the Italian iTunes Music Store, marking the debut of video clips in Italy. Their single cost in Italy is higher, at 2.49 euros (equivalent to 2.92 dollars, about 47% more than the cost in the USA) and the entire album is sold discounted for 14.99 euros instead of 37 , 35 euros for the price of 15 videos bought individually.

Even Switzerland, just to give an example of a country that didn't sell videos, has "Bullet in a Bible" at its disposal and punctually appears in the Swiss iTMS by clicking the same link. The price naturally expressed in local currency, costs 15 Swiss francs if bought in full or 3 francs (2.28 dollars at the exchange rate, in short, they cost less than in Italy but still 15% more than the US price) every single video.

It is to be hoped that the video clips will continue to appear also on the Italian version of iTMS, that the catalog will be enriched and that in the near future we too will be able to buy at least Pixar's short films (where the contractual difficulties between Apple and the other company of Steve Jobs are practically nil), aware that the difficulties relating to TV series are greater.