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TechTool PRO is now also an antivirus and a conflict hunter

To all visitors to the Mac World in New York, Micromat communicated via e-mail that the upgrade from version 2 to version 3, reserved for them, of $ 39.95, while as new users the price of $ 69.95. The price for the others is 49.95 for the upgrade and 99 for the full version. The precipitous ones like us have thrown away 10 dollars, but so we can show you the first screen shots and the results of a short road test.

Those interested in purchasing must take into account that for the 39.95 or 49.95 dollars, another 13 must be added for the transport, in addition to about 30,000 lire of customs fees and 5000 lire for the money order: the customs only accepts payments by money order. The Micromat offer is valid until September 30th.

TechTool PRO 3 substantially similar to version 2: face lifting and the addition of prophylactic and hunting skills of conflicts do not seem to justify the price of almost 100,000 lire (in addition to transport and customs fees) for updating. The Software Conflicts section does not require restarting the machine and for this reason it seems to us less reliable than Conflict Catcher, while the antivirus section must be tested with known viruses: as soon as we have the possibility to carry out the test, we will notify you of the result.

(Edited by Beniamino Cenci Goga)