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Soon the Voodoo at the Apple Store?

Soon the Voodoo at the Apple Store?

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Will the Apple Store soon become more "liberal" when it comes to choosing video cards by offering other options than the binding offer of ATI cards? For now it is only a hypothesis that appears to be comforted by an announcement made yesterday by 3dfx. The company that produces the Voodoo cards has in fact announced that it will soon be putting AGP versions of its Voodoo5 5500 on the market. top of the range in fact only available in the PCI version, a choice that 3dfx claims to have made because the AGP slot, the only one available on Macs, is now compulsorily occupied by the ATI, 128 or Rage card depending on the option chosen. "Because it is very unlikely that a retailer decides to offer for sale a card that would literally oblige him to throw away a piece of the computer at a high price," said Brian Speece of 3dfx a few weeks ago – we will not do an AGP version until we have more guarantees from Apple ?The guarantees in question, it was learned later, would have had to arrive in the form of build to order on the Apple Store. Precisely for this reason, it is legitimate to suppose that there may be a time when, at least on the G4, it will be possible to order a Voodoo5 as an alternative to the ATI. Implicitly admits the same Speece who told MacWeek "that 3dfx is working on this topic with Apple". Probably the discussions are in their final phase if the company of Speece has decided to produce an AGP card. In the moment, however, users will be able to choose the Voodoo card, another problem will have to be solved, that is the DVD reproduction . At the moment the player in use in MacOs depends strictly on hardware components present on the ATI cards. 3dfx will then have to produce its own player to allow you to use the Voodoo card also to watch DVDs. An additional problem that for Speece does not consider such: "If we have the build to order – he said some time ago – we are willing to create our own player for Mac".

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