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Solve WhatsApp Android update errors

diciembre 4, 2019

Have you tried to update WhatsApp Messenger on your Android smartphone so that I indicated you in this guide and you found errors? Don't worry, because you won't be without the latest version of the most used instant messaging application. This article will help you resolve WhatsApp Android update errorsthat may arise when you try to update the application from the Play Store.

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If you have problems downloading or updating WhatsApp from Google Play, the question arises, what can I do to update? If you experience problems while updating WhatsApp Android from the Google Play Store and see one of the following errors, continue reading this guide and you will find the simplest way to solve them.

  • Error codes
    • Error code: -11
    • Error codes: 413, 481, 491, 492, 921, 927 and 941
    • Error codes: 101, 498 and 919
    • Error codes: 403, 495, 504, 911, 920, 923, RPC errors, invalid package file, failed installation or download errors
    • Not enough space on the device.

Error codes

Error code: -11

This is a very common error code among Android users. WhatsApp has not issued statements regarding this error, but appears to be the smartphone owner with Android 2.3.6 or lower installed. It therefore appears that WhatsApp is cutting support for older versions of Android.

If you have a smartphone with Android 2.3.6 or lower and you find this problem, I'll tell you how to solve it. Basically it will guide you through the installation of an older version of Android. You will not be able to use the latest features like calls and video calls, but at least you can send messages to your WhatsApp contacts.

  1. First you need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources. To do this, go in Settings -> Safety and select the item Enable Unknown Sources.
  2. Uninstall the WhatsApp app from your device.
  3. Now on your Android smartphone you need to download WhatsApp version 2.16.333. To do this open this link on your Android smartphone and then selectDownload APK.
  4. At the end of the download click on the notification that warns you of the completion of the download. The installation procedure will start. Follow the instructions to complete it.

At this point WhatsApp should be working again. Please log in by entering your phone number. If everything works correctly, you must now proceed to installing a newer version of the app.

  1. Still on your Android smartphone, download the 2.16.333 version of WhatsApp from this link.
  2. At the end of the download, install the app as done previously.

At this point you can return to using WhatsApp without problems.

Error codes: 413, 481, 491, 492, 921, 927 and 941

  1. You need to remove your Google account on your Android device by going to Settings > Account > Google > and select the account.
  2. Click on Menu and select Remove account.
  3. Restart now the smartphone and come back in Accountre-adding your Google account by entering your username and password.
  4. Now you need to clear the cache stored in the Google Play Store app by going to Settingsof the device> App > Google Play Store > Clear cache and also onClear data.
  5. Now try downloading the WhatsApp update again from the Play Store.

Error codes: 101, 498 and 919

For these types of errors that you encounter when trying to update WhatsApp, you must follow the instructions in the section "Not enough space on the device" below and then try installing WhatsApp again.

Error codes: 403, 495, 504, 911, 920, 923, RPC errors, invalid package file, failed installation or download errors

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<li>First you need to follow the instructions in the section <strong>"Not enough space on the device"</strong> for verified you have enough space on your smartphone.</li>
<li>Now log in to <strong>website</strong> from the mobile browser.</li>
<li>Click on<strong>Download now</strong>. WhatsApp will be downloaded as an APK file. <strong>Important</strong>: To install the APK file you need to enable <strong>Unknown origins</strong>going into the <strong>Settings</strong> of the device -> <strong>Safety</strong> -> <strong>Unknown origins</strong>.</li>
<li>Open the file to start the installation.</li>
<h3><span class=Not enough space on the device.

If in an attempt to update WhatsApp Android from the Play Store you get an error such as "Insufficient space", the obvious cause, check for available space on your device. If so, try deleting the cache and data from Google Play Store. To do this, simply follow the procedure below:

  1. You have to andarenelle Settings of the device -> App-> Google Play Store-> Clear cacheand also Clear data.
  2. Now you have to restart the device, then try installing WhatsApp again.

If you still can't install WhatsApp after completing this procedure, I suggest other suggestions to free up more space on your smartphone:

  • Try clearing the device cache in Settings > Memory > touches Cached data.
  • Move data and applications to the external SD card.
  • Delete old data and applications that are no longer in use.
  • Check out these hidden WhatsApp folders. You can access the folders only by using a file manager that you can choose from these:
    • The video folder is located in: / WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Videos / Sent.
    • The images folder is located in: / WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Images / Sent.
    • The voice message folder is located in: / WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp Voice Notes.

Caution: If you delete images, voice messages, or WhatsApp videos, you will no longer be able to see them or listen to them.

I hope these suggestions may have been helpful in solving the problems of updating WhatsApp Android to take advantage of the latest features of the instant chat application.

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