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Snapchat quote: the ghost grows and enters the stock market

the time has come: the social chat with ephemeral images enters the Stock Exchange, the Snapchat listing is a reality and will be of great impact on the market.

the time has come: the social chat with ephemeral images enters the Stock Exchange, the Snapchat listing is a reality. Evan Spiegel's social media, which adolescents like so much, is worth between 20 and 25 billion dollars. But more, Snapchat has released the long-awaited official statement confirming rumors that have been around for a while: the quoted Snapchat, the Ipo will be listed on the stock exchange.

The announced Snapchat quotation

The company would like to aim to reach 3 billion dollars in offers and will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the SNAP title. It is one of the most impacting debuts on the market for a technological company, born only 5 years ago. The social network, based in Los Angeles, is a favorite among teenagers and young adults and boasts unprecedented success. Evan Spiegel was born at the age of 26, shortly after graduating from Stanford University.

Now everyone admires Snapchat, but first …

But Snapchat has not always enjoyed so much admiration, there was even a time when it was labeled as a sexting application (sex via phone messages). But, obviously, much more. Prominent users include Kim Kardashian, DJ Kahled and John Mayer. The mechanism different from that of Facebook, in which posts are saved chronologically in the timeline, the one you share on Snapchat disappears after a certain period of time. Snapchat is responsible for the revolution in the concept of social networking, having made it a more casual, temporary social network, in complete contrast with that of Zuckerberg.

All with the camera

As it happened for desktop computers, where the cursor with its arrow made every action possible, in Snapchat the starting point of the camera screen "the company wrote in the official presentation" This means that we are willing to take risks in attempt to create innovative products, but also conceptually different cameras, able to reflect and improve our life experiences.

The most important listing in recent years

Although there has been talk of the public debut with the highest profile that the technology sector has seen in recent times, the amount of money Snap is aiming for makes it dwarf in comparison to the last big technological IPO, that of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. That offer in 2014 had raised nearly $ 22 billion dollars. Facebook wins second place, having raised $ 16 billion in 2012. Snap has made it known that it can count on 158 million users a day, obtaining $ 404.5 million in sales in 2016, starting from $ 58.4 in 2015.

The price of Snapchat opens up new scenarios

But over the past few months, Spiegel & Co. have also opened their vision, which goes far beyond what we are used to doing with Snapchat. Last September the Spectacles were presented, smart glasses that cost around 130 dollars, equipped with a video camera, which were designed to post on Snapchat. Currently they have not yet received the desired success in terms of earnings, but the distribution of the product is still limited. Even if the enigmatic charm of Snapchat – which it has taken in particular with adolescents – has been its secret weapon until now, if Snap wants to growing as a public company, it must expand beyond its young, even if it already enjoys a demographically enviable user snapchat quotation design