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Scroll right if you like: now the apps are inspired by Tinder

Tinder's swipe is increasingly used: dozens of new applications in circulation have already adopted it

Photo by Shinichi Higashi flickr / snikdd (cc)(Photo: Shinichi Higashi / Flickr CC)

Tinderization in progress. Everybody likes the swipe, which is the thumb stroke to the left or left on the touch screen, associated with a choice. The most characteristic gesture that the dating app introduced in 2013, drawing on the controversy of those who considered it too hasty for the evaluation of a person, who became the most adopted by the new apps In circulation. With the swipe to the right, the liking is expressed, with the one to the left it is discarded: hasty or not, it was a formula so much appreciated that it was adopted by dozens of new applications.

While Tinder enjoys 1.2 million swipes and 15 million matches per day (ie 15 million reciprocal appreciation per day, data from October 2014), others have taken inspiration from the Tinder interface, or Tinderface. As Stylect, an app for buying shoes, whose founder Giacomo Summa said, as the Telegraph brings:"I swiped the new one Put a like ".

And again, a series of apps that mix Tinder and LinkedIn, such as Jobr, enspHire, or Switch – which does not reveal the names of the users, to avoid that some annoying boss fits between the candidate and his future career. Same thing for Grabble, a fashion app, or Bark Buddy, who looks for adoptions for puppies based on the area, or Next, who wants to connect musicians with their potential listeners. In this case, users watch 30 seconds of video before deciding they want to know more about the artist. Clearly, with a swipe on the right.


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