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Santa Tracker, Google's Christmas is back: you can even call at the North Pole

Santa Tracker since 2004 the way in which Google celebrates Christmas. Initially it was only the possibility, during the night of Christmas Eve, of follow the path of Santa Claus around his world to distribute gifts. Over time, however, Google has decided to make it big, and today Santa Tracker is a sort of interactive advent calendar, richer every year, where it is It is possible to live the expectation of the feast day by day.

A bit of Christmas it also comes on Google services: up Google Earth it will indeed be possible to try out a quiz on culinary traditions and not – but still related to Christmas – of the various areas of the world. While we can ask the Google Assistant (perhaps after having consulted him in a game session on Stadia, given the recent support) by update on the latest news from the North Pole or even of call Santa Claus to sing a song or tell us a joke with a Christmas theme (even if we immediately rushed to do it, and the last two functions don't seem to be available yet, at least in Italy).

On the dedicated website, the little ones can instead have fun with numerous educational games, as the "Code lab"or the"Dance of the code", where it will be needed use the basic concepts of programming to guide the elves in search of lost gifts or to instruct them in a particular choreography. Or relax with the short videos made by Google for the occasion, or even have fun with Snowbox, a 3D themed sandbox with which it will be possible to build your own winter diorama. Other activities available on the site will be released in the coming days, to mark the approach to the fateful date.

All this will be accessible either from computer via browser reaching the Santa Tracker site, either through the app "Follow Santa"for Android (which also includes some exclusive games).