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Samsung launches Milk VR: 360-degree video for virtual reality

The service offers content to be viewed at 360 degrees with the Gear VR viewer

Samsung-Gear-VRIphochifortunates that have the Samsung Gear VR (presented at the IFA and sold in the United States in December), since yesterday they can enjoy a first taste of virtual reality videos thanks to the new service launched by Samsung. Is called Milk VRand it is a channel that offers free video content to be enjoyed at 360 degrees using the visor produced by the Korean company.

For now Milk VR, which appears on the Galaxy Note 4e on the Note Edge in the form of an app (remember that the Gear VR works only in combination with the last two phablets), contains a small amount of footage. Samsung's idea indeed that of create an ?sample? initial platformthat allow pioneers to become curious and passionate about the virtual reality, be they developers, filmmakers or just curious people who want to better understand what this technology can offer. The contents will then increase with time, making the Milk VR the reference point for video search for the Gear VR.


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