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Root permissions with Cydia Impactor on Android devices

Lovers of iOS devices will surely know Cydia, the app that is installed when you run the Jailbreak when you can get all the tools and tweaks to customize your iOS device. The developer Saurik was impartial, and made the Cydia tool also for Android devices, called Cydia Impactor. In this guide, we are going to see how to get i root permissions with Cydia Impactoron any Android device.

How to get root permissions with Cydia Impactor on Android:

1. First of all, make sure you have the mode DebugUSBactive on your Android device. Otherwise, to activate it go inSettings> Developer Options, and then check the option "DebugUSB?And if not activated, activate it.

root with Cydia Impactor 1

2. Once the USB debugging is activated on the phone, the tool must be installed Cydia Impactor on the PC to start the process to get root permissions on your Android device. It is a simple ZIP file, available for the different platforms you can download from the links below. The URLs below which you will connect, will always be redirected to the most recent versions of the tool, so you will always have the latest version available.

If you have downloaded the version forWindows, you may need to install drivers on your computer to communicate with the device via USB. If the device is not detected, use the function Impactor's USB Driver Scanto attempt to install the device driver automatically. Not necessary Android SDK.

3. What you have just downloaded a ZIP archive containing the desired files. All you need to do is unzip the zip file using software like WinRAR or Unzip. Once extracted, you will see in the folder some files with strange extensions.

root with Cydia Impactor 2

4. What we're looking for is nothing but an EXE file. Launch the file Impactor.execontained in the ZIP archive.

root with Cydia Impactor 3

5. After installing the application on the PCCydia Impactor, connect the Android device to the PC (with Debug USB enabled). Now, to start the process to get root permissions on your Android device, press the "Start".

root with Cydia Impactor 4

6. Now, Cydia Impactor installer SuperSUon your Android device. Once this process is completed, close the application Cydia Impactor and disconnect the Android device from the computer.

7. You must now start the Android device by clicking on Restart.

root with Cydia Impactor 5

8. Once the Android device is restarted, go to the smartphone on Google Play Store and install the application SuperSU(Chainfire)in order to guarantee full support to the root.

root with Cydia Impactor 6

9. Now your Android device has successfully obtained root permissions. To check if the phone has the root unlocked correctly, open the application SuperSU which was installed by the Play Store. If you can use it without error, then it means that the device has successfully obtained root permissions.

root with Cydia Impactor 7

Optional: also possible to check if you have obtained root hypermessi with Cydia Impactor successfully, using the applicationRoot Checker.

You have completed the procedure to obtain the root permissions with Cydia Impactorall Android devices. If you think our guide has been helpful, share your experience in the comments.