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Root permissions on Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7

Do you have an Amazon Fire HD 7 and want to get root permissions? This guide will help you with just a few clicks, using an automated process. Just follow the simple instructions in this article. After that you can freely improve the performance, customize the device and install the tweaks you like on the Amazon tablet.

Root on Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 1

Before obtaining Root permissions on Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7:

Before starting with the procedure of this guide get root permissions on Fire HD 7 You need to have at least a little basic knowledge about what we are doing on the device. Below I give you a brief introduction explaining what the root permissions are, and what the advantages are.

That of the root permissions on Android a process that allows you to get access to the root of the device and, therefore, to better control the Android device. Access to the root allows you to perform many changes and customizations on the device, which otherwise you could not do with the default settings, allowing you to interfere and change the basic operation of the device.

Concretely, the changes that can be performed on the device, for example, are 100% RAM, Play inHD games, unoverclock the processor (ie exploit its full potential), install custom ROMs and much more.

Here is the guide that tiaiuter in the procedure to get the Root permissions on Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7. Surely thison the simplest process, but surely the one that works better.I advise you to execute them instructions to the letter for not having problems of sort.


Before starting the procedure to get the Root permissions on Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7, you need to do some things:

  • You need a computer and the correct drivers installed on it.
  • If you don't have drivers for the device, you can download them from This Page.
  • Back up all important data on the device to allow it to be safe.
  • Make sure you have enabled USB Debugging mode which you find in Developer Options.

Root on Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 2

  • If you do not see the development options in the settings, in the Information section in Settings, click on the build number of the device for about 7 times.
  • Charge the device battery to get at least 70 percent to avoid the procedure being interrupted.
  • Finally, download the files from the download section below.


To get the Root permissions on Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 you must download the files from the download links as they are necessary and indispensable for this guide.

How to get Root permissions on Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7

Let's start with the procedure and with the instructions that I advise you to follow carefully.

  • After downloading the files from the previous section to your computer, you need to extract them.
  • Uninstall any Kindle drivers installed on your computer, after which connect the device using a USB cable.
  • After that, go to Device Manager in Windows.
  • Select "Portable devices"And right click and select"properties".
  • Go to "Driver" and then "Uninstall".
  • Now disconnect the device from the PC.
  • Install the ADB drivers as indicated in the previous section.
  • Now go inSettings"On the Kindle and then on"Safety"And enable"ADB On".
  • Now connect your Kindle to your PC again.
  • Now wait for the installation to be automatically detected and completed.
  • Now go to the folder where it was extracted Bin4ry Method and then execute the file "runme.bat".
  • Then choose option 1.
  • On the Kindle, select the option "backup my data"And wait for the data to be backed up to the device.
  • Then click on "Restore Data", And then wait for them to be restored.
  • The device will reboot, after which let it restart again.
  • Now again you need to select "Restore data"And again lets the device reboot.
  • After that you will need to installSuperSU on the device via the Google Play Store.

This is the guide to get the Root Permissions on Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 in just a few clicks. In case you have encountered any problems, you can contact us via the comments below.