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Record Expo?

Record Expo?

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The Paris Expo is now behind us but its memory, despite some setbacks for being the most important event in Europe in the history of Apple. The interest was certified, in addition to the presence of Jobs, by the announcement of some new products from Cupertino (previously the Expo in the old continent resulted in a replica of what was said in the American reviews) and from the enthusiasm of the visitors. At the moment there are no numbers available to quantify attendance and attendance at the exhibition building, but from the Macity observatory we can certify that, at least by our public, the attention of users has not been much lower than reserved at the MacWorld Expo. From Tuesday to Friday at noon our statistics showed very close numbers to those of the New York review that pushed our counters to well over 100,000 pages in three days. In Paris Expo we will talk more about Macity and MacProf . Our correspondents in Paris, Settimio Perlini assisted by the very active Alessandro Pisani, have collected hundreds of images, documentation and information that they have only partially transferred to the Internet. Much will come in the coming days. The presence of Macity and MacProf, demonstrating our commitment to make an important contribution to first-hand information on the Mac world and visibility to the platform, has always been at the forefront of the Paris exhibition. It can also be learned from articles in foreign media such as ZDNet which mentions our presence at the event and MacWeek, whose correspondent Andrew Shalat, a likeable journalist from Torrance, California whom we had already met in New York, has spent most of the Parisian days in the company of Septimius and Alexander, as we learn from an article published on MacWeek.This exchange of experiences and opinions on a global level, the possibility of confronting ourselves with other journalists and other environments and seeing as protagonists , bringing back their own sensations live, the great moments that mark the evolution of the Mac world, allow us to inform the Mac Italian world in a timely manner and without flights, placing our two sites, with full rights, among the sites of global significance of the Mac world. Not a little for Italy, where the Apple remains in the heart of a small minority. Without the help of our readers who continue to follow us humorous and their affection we could not have achieved this result. This is why, inevitably and dutifully, our "thanks" and the promise to continue to work with the same commitment that we have had up until today occur here.

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