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Private photos on Instagram: I really am now

After reporting a hole in the privacy settings, the company makes an update

quartzphoto Quartz

The rule, roughly, always the same: if the absolute certainty is required that a private content remains such, better not to publish it online.

According to a Quartz report, before last weekend, Instagram users had to deal with a social network's hole in privacy. What emerged was that the photos posted when the settings were set to "public" (ie the default ones), remained public even when the user made the account private. Which also generated another problem: anyone who had access to the photo could potentially share the url outside.

Instagram, a few days after the investigation, has published an update that blocks access to private photos through public links. "We have made an update so that if users who have a public profile make it private, the links that are not shared on other services will be visible only to users' followers.", The company replied to the Huffington Post.


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