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Play Copy: learn to write better for your brand

On February 4th, in Rome and in streaming, the first edition of Play Copy will be held, the convention / workshop on copywriting organized by Pennamontata

On February 4th, in Rome and in streaming, the first edition of Play Copy will be held, the convention / workshop on copywriting organized by Pennamontata

Texts help to give brands a personality, to communicate corporate values, to get closer to the public, to sell. Fortunately, more and more companies have understood the importance of words and that, for this reason, choose to train internal resources on copywriting activities. To these companies, small, medium and large, as well as to the professionals working in communication, the event we are about to talk to you about. After C-Come, of which it was co-organizer, the Pennamontata agency launches a new event: Play Copy. Play Copy a conference that is more like a workshop and entirely dedicated to writing. It will be held on February 4th in Rome, but can also be followed in live streaming in HD. Let's take a closer look at the features of Play Copy.

11 practical interventions

On the Play Copy stage, professionals working in the world of communication will rise and they will treat, in a pragmatic way, various issues related to copywriting. Among the business case studies, BPER Banca (also sponsor of the event) and Lercio. The nature of how-to interventions, so the real plus for the participants is to attend speeches that explain how to do a. How to use irony as a communicative register, how to choose the right words in the event of a crisis, how to build an editorial plan for LinkedIn, how to write to create brand / customer relationships

Live exercises

4 of the 11 interventions provide for micro exercises to be carried out at the moment. Some will be corrected live by the speaker. With the exercises, the learned is immediately put into practice, the concepts are set, the test is put to the test. And you have fun as well, because no. Substance + fun.

Play Copy is presented as a substantial event, one of those that satisfy the hunger for knowledge and promise something more than the classic format. What is certain that there will be so much interaction, a characteristic that generally belongs to classroom training and that here, instead, we find within a conference. But there will also be space for fun, in line with the style of the events in which the hand of Pennamontata. For example, the program also includes a magic show. What other surprises will Play Play cover? We can't wait to find out! The most important thing, though, is that in this event companies and professionals will learn to write better for brands. This is why you should participate. Find all the information on the program, speakers and locations on the website


The entrance fee of 99 (+ VAT), while to attend the event in streaming the price of 68 (+ VAT). Finally, there is the possibility of purchasing the Entrance + Streaming package at 149 (+ VAT), which includes an entrance to the event and an access to live streaming. In all cases, participants will receive video recordings of the various speeches of the event.

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