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Plague, the app that spreads content like a virus

Plague shares information with nearby users, regardless of the circle of friends and followers, according to the dynamics of epidemics

1412_plagueThe advent of the Internet and social networks has made it possible to share information and news with an entirely new speed and diffusion. A group of developers based in Lithuania has designed one step further: everything revolves around Plague, an app (for iOS and Android) that uses the concept of the viral epidemic to spread content regardless of its circle of contacts.

Plague bypasses the classical dynamediafower: a network in which everyone is connected for the simple fact of having downloaded the app. When a user posts information, it is automatically received by those who are geographically close, a bit like the flu virus. It is up to these users to decide whether the information deserves to be further spread or not. In the first case a potential epidemic phenomenon is triggered.

The "patient zero" can check the statistics of his post, visualizing the map of the diffusion and the reaction that is arousing (according to the positive or negative votes). And it can also do so not be traceable: it is the so-called dark mode, a system that allows those who wish to remain anonymous.

The Plague developers claim that this guarantees the impossibility "Of censorship or removal of information once it has been released. a system that can be used for better or for worse, but we believe that everyone has the right to maximum privacy ". It therefore remains in the hands of users, and only to them, the possibility of deciding whether a certain type of content deserves to be disseminated.


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