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Oregon Scientific and iPod: iBall plays everywhere

Oregon Scientific, known for its production of electronic devices ranging from barometers to audio systems, is launching itself into the world of iPod with a wireless speaker with an unusual shape and functionality.

iBall apart from the Oregon Scientific StyleFi series, products for personal audio and incorporates a system with 3 transducers: it can be combined with any iPod with Dock, including the recent iPod nano and composed of a transmitter and a receiver that incorporates the system of amplification.

The transmitter dock works as a connection with the iPod, provides for its charging and synchronization with the computer and has an auxiliary Jack input to connect any stereo audio device you own.

The technology used for the transmision and adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) on the 2.4 GHz frequency that can easily coexist with other wireless devices such as telephones, bluetotto and wi-fi.

You can bring your iBall to any area of ??the house, even outside and remotely control the features of the iPod that remains inside: on the iBall you will find the volume keys, track progression and track as well as bass control . Everything can happen up to a distance of 30 meters from your iPod even if you don't see them directly.

You can find on this page a photo gallery of iBall, seen for the first time at the Paris Expo.