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Office available in preview on Android tablets

The Microsoft productivity suite comes out of the invitation phase and arrives on Google tablets. Attention for: the non-definitive version and not compatible with all devices

(Photo: Microsoft)(Photo: Microsoft)

Microsoft takes another step in its approach to approaching opposing mobile ecosystems. After releasing a free version of his Office suite for iOS devices in November and starting an invitational program for Android tablets, he made the tablet version with the green robot finally downloadable by anyone through the Google Play Store. The download of Word, Excel and Powerpoint for free but it should be remembered that their freemium baseresta system: reading and editing documents is offered by the home, but in order to enjoy the more advanced editing functions, registration with the Office 365 service is required.

It is also important to highlight two other aspects. First of all, the suite a preview remains, while the arrival of the final version planned more in l during the year: with the suggestions of the new users able to use the suite, the developers expect to improve the code. Secondly, you may still not be able to use them. In fact, in order to be installed and used, Word, Excel and Powerpoint have some special requirements:a diagonal of the screen between 7 and 10.1 inches (nothing to be done for phablets and xxl tablets), an Arm processor (which excludes solutions based on Intel CPUs) and a version of the operating system updated at least to KitKat (they will remain to mouth dry tablet owners also relatively recent but snubbed by manufacturers' updates).


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