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Nielsen Social Media Report 2016

diciembre 4, 2019

Here the Nielsen Social Media Report 2016 are not the Millennials the most assiduous on social media, but rather Generation X, between 35 and 49 years old

Social media is one of the greatest opportunities that companies of all types of industry can enjoy to connect directly with consumers, so you import Nielsen's 2016 Social Media Reports. It turns out – through the Nielsen data – that those who use social media – tend to be much more receptive, in particular those who spend at least 3 hours on social media. But let's try to find out who the media advocate really is (ie who fervently supports social media) .

Nielsen Social Media Report 2016, surprise data

Surprisingly Millennials are not the ones who use social media the most, but bens the Generation X, or those users aged between 35 and 49, who are on the social networks at least 7 hours a week, against the 6 of the Millennials.Women spend about 25% of their time online, unlike the men who spend 19% of their time, and they seem to have a predilection for the consultation of Facebook on Sunday mornings and in the early evening. Find out who uses social media more a good start to hypothesize a strategy that connects to them easily and that also includes the reasons that lead to connect and the way through which they prefer to do so.

Social Media Report 2016: on social media to discover products

According to Nielsen data, 39% of those who use social media heavily believe that discovering new products and services is an integral part of using social networks. If companies could simplify the way in which social media users can benefit from their products and services, they could also be involved in unbiased reviews. 35% of users could benefit from special discounts, access exclusive offers or even coupons. But more than anything else, brands need to simplify the way potential supporters can show their support. 29% of users believe that supporting their favorite companies or the brands they are most connected with is very important, which is why they need to become easy to share via Facebook and Twitter. When it comes to television, the industry should take this same group into account, namely the women of Generation X, making them potential advocates. 61% of female Facebook users interact via social media for something seen on TV. Social and TV When you want connect the social networks with the television audience, we must keep in mind that using multiple devices at the same time is absolutely normal, and reaching part of the advocates while a broadcast on air means capturing even more their attention and their involvement. We are working hard to find the keyword perfect, a word that will become a favorite hasty via social media, but we must think that a term that is not enough is enough, we need to expand the range of action by involving names of famous people, sportsmen or actors. So how do you find the women of Generation X online? Simply focusing on what they are watching on TV.

2016 Nielsen Social Media Report

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