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New Snapchat design, also coming to iOS

The new Snapchat design, completely renewed that includes a universal search bar – now also available for iOS.

The new Snapchat design, completely renewed that includes a universal search bar at the top of the application – finally also available for iOS. The news had already been announced at the beginning of January, but they were only shared with Android users. The promise to extend the new features to iOS users was kept relatively quickly. The application was widely criticized for the difficulty of navigation, something that made Snapchat a sort of secret clique, really functional only for a few. But there were too many users who were unable to manage swipe functions and therefore avoided using them. With this new course in the possibility of using the Snapchat app, the niche nature of the social network is lost, but at the same time it opens up to business and advertising, fundamental glimpses in anticipation of the OPA. new search bar Snapchat aims to simplify the search for friends and groups. Clicking on the bar, a new screen appears thanks to which connecting with friends becomes immediate and the same is true for messaging. New features include the optionand quick chat (quick chat) that connects to group chats, switch to the list of friends, add new ones or find friends among your contacts. With the new Snapchat design you can also click on card of a user and display the mini profile, but also click on a Bitmoji to the left of the search bar to switch to your complete profile. From here you can access the list of Best Friends, or the most frequent contacts. Do not forget also the Discover and Our Stories sections, searchable through a title or a keyword it is easier to load snaps, in particular, in conjunction with events, themes, holidays and much more.That these new features can actually simplify Snapchat for new users, yet to be proven. The search bar is fairly obvious and opens the door to ads, but the other features take for granted a certain level of familiarity and familiarity with the application. Snapchat has not genuinely changed the browsing mode, but has created a way for access shortcuts that take users to features and sections.The new Snapchat design arrives at a time when Instagram is enjoying considerable success after having copied one of its most successful features, namely Stories. Instagram is boasting an average of 150 million stories a day, in practice, the same numbers as Snapchat. The hope that Snap puts new updates in to users will be more incisive. Twitter users who have commented on the new Snapchat have differing opinions, according to some lupdate substantially positive, others instead dismiss the question defining the new ugly or strange design . Still others fail to convince themselves of the real effectiveness of the changes. A substantially positive feedback because it does not condemn to sword the new initiatives undertaken by Snapchat. For those of you who want to download the new version of the application for iOS, available in the App snapchat design