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Matias, the hybrid of an iPod keyboard and dock

It's a standard keyboard, a USB 2 hub, an iPod shuffle dock, Matias produces it and it's called USB 2.0 Keyboard.

This hybrid product dedicated to those who have just bought a Mac mini and an iPod shuffle and therefore fits both as a USB keyboard and as a smaller iPod dock.

According to the manufacturer USB 2.0 Keyboard the only keyboard on the market with a USB 2 dock.

The vertical USB 2 port seems made to host the iPod shuffle, the two rear ones can accommodate any USB 2 and USB 1.1 device in addition to the connection cable to the computer.

Matias has prepared a model dedicated to Mac OS 9.x and Mac OS X (white) and another for Mac OS X and Win (black) with various keyboard layouts (USA, Great Britain, France and Germany).

For now the US version ready and costs 50 dollars with an optical mouse with two buttons included or 40 dollars (without mouse).

Mathias calculates that by buying this product instead of an Apple keyboard, an Apple mouse plus a Pod shuffle dock saves $ 37.

At the Paris Paris Expo Matias exhibits at stand C79. We will give you further information on the possible availability in Italy with a configuration suitable for our country.