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Madsonline at the expo new products to power the Powerbook and iPod

Madsonline expo new products to power Powerbook and iPod logomacitynet1200wide 1

Madsonline has always stood out for its original solutions for the Mac mobile and does not deny even this year with 3 interesting products for laptops and one very curious for iPod.

This is "Lucille" a 65 Watt power supply capable of supporting even the most demanding (in current use) 17 ? PowerBook with DVD writer. What is interesting is that the power supply has two additional sockets, a USB and a Firewire that allow you to connect iPods, A / D converters and peripherals.

The XK battery chargers are designed for iBook and PowerBook batteries and exist in single and double versions and even in 10 seats: their use indicated in the school environment or for those who work many hours on the field and need a simultaneous recharge of many batteries in short time.

Finally Tri-fle for iPod shuffle a very nice and very small audio system for iPod shuffle that works both as a support and as a stereo amp. The speakers are included in the two front feet while the third houses the AAA battery that powers it.

In the Madsonline catalog ( you can also find high-capacity batteries for old and new Powerbook and iBook models as well as the usual car adapters. Also coming a series of products for the photovoltaic power supply of laptops of every brand.

The gallery of Madsonline products on display at the Expo on this MacityNet page.

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