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MacProf Meeting how, when, where.

Saturday 9 September

– 9.15 am Room ACADLINE presents the software in Italian preview ArcLINE in Mac version: Architectural Design, Survey, Rendering program – Overlay – Photogrammetry.

11.00 am Room AAbacus presents the latest versions of Artlantis: the rendering application for any 3D Software andFurniture: the application for the management of the sales point, budgeting and production of the furniture (bathrooms and kitchens) will be attended by Giuseppe Bacchetta and Paolo Taglia, Product Manager.

– 2.30 pm room A– From Cad to MultimediaMultimedia presentations as an aid for real estate promotion. Report by Adriano Filippetti, Eikon and Settimio Perlini, Studio Perlini Associati.

15 hours room AArchicad 6.5, ArchiForma, ArchiTerraArchicad in the new version 6.5 and the new plugins for land management and modeling: ArchiTerra is ArchiForma. Presentation by Cigraph and Kronos Forl.

– 16.30 hours Room A:– In a world exclusive, the presentation of the 3D assisted design software in the Mac design field: Gestel solidThinking.

The presentation will be made in combination with the presentation Abacus products for the realization of Prototypeswith two-dimensional and three-dimensional cutters.

– 11.00 am Room B and for the entire duration of the meeting:Italian preview of the new Cubase VST 5! and then … VST Plugin (TC | Native Bundle, Mastering Edition, etc …) VST Instrument (PPG, Pro-Five, LM-4, Model-E) Spark XLIl Bitheadz Software (Retro AS-1 2.0, Unity DS-1 2.0 etc.) 'USB2MID Interfaces RME Digi96 audio card and 8 IO converter.

But more surprises are coming …

Sunday 10 September

– 9.30 am Hall AiMovie2 and FinalCut Pro: Apple's digital video editing software.

– 10.30 am Hall A– Presentation of Flash 5: absolute novelty. Presentation by Andrea Guida, web designer

– 10am Room BMake Music with the Mac: new software and hardware.

– 11.30 am Hall AStreaming Audio and Video for the Web: formats, and methods by Paolo Principi – Punctus Multimedia.

– 2.00 pm Room B– GranPremio di Monza (for fans who do not want to give up their favorite sport)

– 2.30 pm room A– News from MacWorld NY: exclusive videos and photos also with live presentations.

– 4.15 pm room A The Italian preview of Photoshop 6: Adobe software is no longer just a tool for photo editing. By Enzo Borri. DTP Professional, Journalist and Adobe Betatester.

– 5 pm room A– Apple's new products: from Multiprocessors to the Cube …Special presentation with Enzo Biagini, Apple Italia.

To register, just send an e-mail to

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with subject "Meeting2000" indicating number of people, provenance, interests and days in which you will be present.

Saturday evening will be dedicated to a pizza for which it is necessary to book by the morning at the meeting.

To find the location of the meeting (Pesaro – Sea Area) visit this MacProf page.