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MacOs X Beta: and for the press?

MacOs X Beta: and for the press?

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At the moment there are still relatively few users of the MacOs X beta, but it is likely that in a few days or weeks their number will increase dramatically. Many of them, just as likely (and all to the benefit of Apple) could decide to install the beta on machines that are used intensively favored also by the proliferation of carbonized applications and attracted by the possibility of using the old programs in the blue box. But this enthusiasm and the proliferation of users runs the risk of being blocked by a disincentive factor: the lack of printer drivers, a difficulty that, moreover, does not seem to be close to a solution. As MacWeek notes, in fact, the producers of some of the most popular printers in use in the Mac world as Canon, HP and Epson or have no plan for now for the production of drivers for MacOs X or do not reveal their plans … And the situation all the more serious if we consider that, moreover, also in the environment some printers don't want to know how to work. In particular, the non postscript ones seem to be recalcitrant. At the moment we can therefore only hypothesize and hope that as soon as the number of beta users will be spread to the point of creating a critical mass sufficient to justify their development the drivers will arrive. Then we will be able to fully exploit the new printing architecture, which is extremely more advanced than that of MacOs 9 and which, ironically, according to Apple guarantees a great ease in developing drivers …

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