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ITunes Competition: here is one of the "13 forgotten" (updated)

In the aftermath of the conclusion of the prize draw for the half a billion songs on the iTunes Music Store, once the official list of winners was read, we wondered why some, specifically 13, those corresponding to the number songs were missing: 496.200 .000, 495.400.000, 493.400.000, 492.000.000, 491.800.000, 487.200.000, 485.700.000, 484.300.000, 484.200.000, 483.800.000, 483.500.000, 483.000.000 and 482.600.000 .

Thanks to an affectionate reader of MacityNet we are perhaps able to limit the list to twelve "forgotten", waiting for an official explanation from Apple that is missing for now.

From Italian Switzerland our friend, who for now will remain anonymous, informs us of what happened to him simply by reporting to friends the songs on the iTunes Music Store, or the "tell a friend" method, perfectly admitted by the competition as a regular purchase of songs from iTunes.

On the occasion of the "iTunes 500 Million Song Countdown" the Ticino reader has repeatedly sent warnings "tell a friend" and one of these evidently was sent at the right time, the Marketing office of Apple, on July 12th at 11.27 pm: 11 European, sent him the following message:

Congratulations! You've been selected as a winner in the iTunes 500 Million Song Countdown. Your recent song purchase is a 100,000-song milestone, counting up to 500 million songs. You'll get 4-gigabyte iPod Mini in your choice – pink, green, blue, or silver – and a gift card good for 50 songs on the iTunes Music Store. Your iPod Mini and gift card will ship 4-6 weeks after the promotion ends.In order to claim your prize, please: 1. Complete set attached to the book at five days of receipt to Apple at U.S. facsimile number (408) 974-1422, Attention: iTunes 500 Million.2. Mini color choice ( .By responding, you will be added to the list or contacted by Apple unless you have previously authorized Apple to do so.Thanks for being a customer of the world # 1 music download store! The iTunes Music Store Team

In summary, Apple asks the winner to fill out the declaration "Affirmation of Eligibility and Liability / Publicity Release" and send it via fax to California within five days of receipt, then also send an email indicating the color chosen for the iPod mini. To be precise, the Swiss friend has indicated the color blue. If all goes well by the end of August or the first days of September at the latest, you will receive the prize package from Cupertino.

Probably our overseas reader was awarded a prize for one of the following "deadlines", given that the communication reached him at the end of the day on 12 July: 492,000,000, 491,800,000, 487,200,000, 485,700,000, 484.300.000, 484.200.000, 483.800.000, 483.500.000, 483.000.000 and 482.600.000, thus excluding 496.200.000, 495.400.000, 493.400.000 that were awarded after that date.

We will soon see if at least he wanted to explain why his name did not appear on the official list of winners (which does not specify any difference between who actually bought the song and who only reported it with the "tell a friend"), considering that, also comforted by our observation, he also noticed the thirteen shortcomings and therefore he wrote an email to Cupertino for further clarifications.

In any case, congratulations to our friend for having won a prize … which we intend to show you on these pages as soon as they arrive in the Canton Ticino.

Update: after three days Apple responded to our Swiss reader, reassuring him that his name on the list of winners and that they have informed the site managers to update the list with the thirteen shortcomings for a correction. As soon as we see the corrections published we will inform you on time.

Further update: Apple has informed our Swiss reader that in the week of August 15th they will receive their iPod, so by mutual agreement with the person concerned, we decide to reveal the name (also because Apple has not yet kept the promise to update the lists of winners, lacking thirteen names). Luca Togni from the Italian part of Switzerland, the lucky one and having a blog published all his history, you can read it here.

Final update: on 26 September, Apple finally sent Luca the iPod mini in the color he requested, along with a gift voucher of 50 songs to download from the iTunes Music Store. Many more weeks have passed than those promised by Apple and a pressing solicitation was also made directly to the Cupertino offices and it would also be noted that the iPod mini is no longer a product on the price list and that the delay would have made it possible to imagine that Cupertino sent to our reader an iPod nano that replaced the previous model. Strange also that the list of winners to date has not been completed even with the name of Luca. The photos of the iPod and the voucher are online on his blog