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iTunes better than traditional stores

iTunes sells more songs than the biggest traditional record stores. To make known the Cupertino record, the company specialized in market research NPD Group according to which during the last three months iTunes has beaten both Tower Records and Borders, two big American chains.

The very important datum especially if we consider that the percentage of digital sales is still low (4% of the total) compared to the rest of sales in the music field. This means that Apple, at least in the USA, dominates the sector, as shown by the NPD itself, according to which Cupertino has 70% of downloads and this excludes Mac users who are not calculated in the estimate.

An even more interesting fact is the position of iTunes in the wider field of the music trade sector. According to the NPD Group, Apple's first-ever store, also in the USA, is among the top 10 sales points by ranking in a ranking that sees, among others, names like Amazon, Best Buy, Circuit City, Wal-Mart .