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Italian Music Cards for iTunes

The iTunes Music Cards have appeared on the Italian App Store.

Only a few days ago we were analyzing the English situation of the cards for iTMS that came to fill the void already capped previously in the United States and Japan.

Now finally also in Italy are available the iTunes Music Card, with a denomination of 15 and 25 euros, in green and orange (respectively)

It is not known if Apple intends to distribute the iTunes Music Cards even to regular resellers of Apple products or keep the exclusive on AppleStore.

The Apple online store thus describes the prepaid cards: "Are you looking for the perfect gift for your dear music lovers? You found it. Offer them a prepaid iTunes Music card for 15 or 25 euros and let them choose from over one million songs at 99 cents each in the world's # 1 online music store. "

The prices printed on the card are definitive, include VAT (equal to 0 according to the virtual shopping cart) and shipping costs (equal to 0 according to the virtual shopping cart).

As also happened on AppleStore UK, AppleStore Italia adds this note related to non-courier shipments: "if your order on the Apple Store contains only the iTunes Music Store Card and the total amount is less than 300 euros, the items will be sent by post. Remember that, once the shipment has been made, it will no longer be possible to trace the path of your items ".

To use iTunes prepaid cards: 1) download iTunes for Mac or Windows for free on, 2) open iTunes and click on Music Store, 3) click on Prepaid Cards, 4) when prompted, enter the code printed on the card, 5) download the songs and … have fun!