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iCleaner Pro iOS 9 improves memory cleanup

Ivano Bilenchi, developer of tweaks for Cydia, has really done a great job in the latest update of tweakiCleaner and iCleaner Pro iOS 9, bringing the tool to version 7.5.0, which is characterized by support for iOS 9 and the full compatibility of the system cleaning tweak better known than Cydia.

iCleaner Pro iOS 9 1

I believe that iCleaner is fairly well known and we all know what it is for:iCleaner Pro iOS 9removes unnecessary files and images and language files, dictionaries, wallpapers and much more from iOS devices with Jailbreak. Here are the main features of this latest version:

  • Complete compatibility with iOS 9.
  • New and modern user interface.
  • Addition of information on the battery.
  • Added full aitemi support through WinterBoard and Anemone.
  • Image removal tools now support the iPhone 6S, 6s Plus, iPad mini, and the new iPod touch.
  • The deifile preferences tool now tries to indicate to which tweak each file belongs.
  • Or you can remove live wallpapers.

iCleaner Pro iOS 9 2

User interface

The user interface has finally been updated, as it has not been improved since iCleaner was first released. a cleaner and more pleasant interface that comes closer to the style of iOS 9.

Battery data cleaning

This new step of cleaning, removes the data of the battery archive that occupy a lot of space. This is a useful addition to the already extensive features provided by the app, and I think many of you will be able to store much more data on the device thanks to the space that will be freed up via this function.

Greatly improved the Cydia Substrate tooladdons

This is probably the expectation that you received the most attention during the update. The relevant modifications that can go directly to Cydia and uninstall the faulty tweak without there being problems with the Cydia Substrate as it was previously. This eliminates this boring aspect of the tool, and maximizes the effectiveness of problem resolution.

iCleaner Pro iOS 9 60

Complete theme management

Starting from version 7.5.0, iCleaner finally became compatible with the themes of Winterboard and Anemone.

In addition to the new features presented previously, the developer started working on new features that were introduced in the version~ 7.5.1 beta1of the tweak. Here is the changelog.


  • Added 3D touch support.
  • Added possibility of using URL schemes (this may be of greater interest to developers of other tweaks).
  • "Reset" button replaced with the "All" button in the menus

iCleaner Pro iOS 9 4

Fixes and improvements:

* Improved keyboard removal tool on iOS 9.x (now able to delete hundreds of megabytes on the filesystem). * Improved display of the app icon in the switcher (multitasking screen). * Adopted San Francisco present iOS 9. * Temporarily removed IconBundles support in iOS 9.x, it will be reintroduced when IconBundles is updated. * Resolved layout problems on iPad with iOS 9.x. * Added Portuguese (Portugal) location.

iCleaner Pro iOS 9 in vers. 7.5.0 available at this time by adding the repository on Cydia: It will soon be available in its "standard" variant on the BigBoss repo.