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How to solve GPS problems on Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 equipped with a powerful processor, a buondesign and a Quad HD display that made the device very popular. This is an innovative smartphone, but does not mean that it is completely free of defects. Many users have complained about some problems on Samsung Galaxy S6 and that of GPS one of these. This does not mean the Galaxy S6 is a defective device and this minor problem can be solved by following a few simple steps. The different ways to solve iGPS problems on Samsung Galaxy S6 you can find them by continuing to read this guide. Follow these passaggied GPS problems on the phone will be resolved.

How to solve GPS problems on Galaxy S6

Step 1:The first step to solve the GPS problems on the Galaxy S6 is to check the search method by going up Settings> Privacy and Security> Locationand then click "Research method". In this section you should first try using GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks for location tracking. In case you verify that the information is not correct, try to use only Wi-Fi mobile. If the situation always the same, use GPS only and the problem is solved. You can also activate or deactivate the option Position a couple of times by moving to On Off and turn it back on to see if the problem resolves.

GPS problems

Step 2:The second very simple step takes very little time. If you have activated "Energy saving"In the ON position, turn it off to see if the GPS problems on the Galaxy S6 are resolved.

Step3:If you use GPS with all other applications, the suggestion is to clear the cache of these applications by going to Settings> Application manager and click on "Clear cache?Of that particular application that uses GPS.

Step4:Sometimes users may have this GPS problem due to any third party application. To check if this is actually the problem, restart the device in temporary mode. When the phone is in temporary mode, it disables all third-party applications. If you now verify that the GPS problem does not exist in temporary mode, then it means that any third-party application that causes the problem can be. Follow the next steps to start the device in temporary mode.

  • Switch off the phone by pressing the power button.
  • Now press and hold the power button for a few seconds until the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
  • Release the power button. Press and hold the button Volume Gi after releasing the power button.
  • Hold down the button Volume Gi until the Samsung Galaxy S6 completely rebooted.
  • Unlock the device and now you can use it normally.

If no difference is noticed even after the device is started in temporary mode, a factory reset or cleaning may be the last thing you can do to get rid of these GPS problems.

step5:The factory reset is a good solution to get rid of any kind of problems on your Android device, but will erase all data from the device, so it is advisable to create a backup before proceeding with this procedure. After backing up, go toMenu> Settings> Backup and Restore> Factory Wipe Reset. Go ahead, some questions will appear on the screen. Accept all requests and choose whether you need to clean the SD card too. This process will take a few seconds. Let the procedure be completed and try again to see if the problem has been solved. The factory reset will surely solve the problem.

These are good options for solving GPS problems on the Galaxy S6. Try one by one the various options and the problem encountered will be solved. I advise you to read this guide on Comecontrollare and correct the slow GPS on Android devices.