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How to recover lost data on Android

Have you accidentally deleted important data from your Android device? Well, it happens often and personally I have deleted many valuable images and videos from my smartphone. Fortunately, our mistakes are not permanent and we have the possibility to fix the errors, without having the concern for the rest of the day. Recovering lost data a difficult task and not always producing positive results. However, we must attempt the last rescue operation to get our valuable data back.

When you unfortunately happen to delete the data on your Android device, these are the tips you need to follow: you don't have to save or deactivate the device. It is essential that all write operations are blocked on the device memory, which means that it is necessary to put it in airplane mode and not copy any files to the device. These precautions ensure that the deleted data is still safe from your SD card or in the internal memory. Now, we'll see how to recover lost data on Android devices, with no root permissions.recover data 1

Recover lost data on Android devices with Root permissions

  • Download the free appUndeleter from the Google Play Store.
  • The application is rather simple and intuitive. First you need to select the storage device from which you want to retrieve data. It can be either internal memory or external storage (SD card).
  • Grant root permissions for the application, if required.
  • Now, scan the device to recover deleted files. It will take time to complete the scan, depending on the size of the storage device and the speed of access to the memory.
  • Once restored, you can recover data from different tabs – Files, Images, Music, Videos and Documents.

recover data 2

  • Just select the file you want to restore and you can restore it to its place of origin or to another location.

This very efficient procedure, able to recover most of the lost data, also works on all Android devices, both with and without root permissions.

Recover lost data on all Android devices

This second method requires the installation of data recovery software on your Windows PC. Various data recovery software is available on the market and can provide any one of these, but we recommend what we think is the best to recover lost data on your Android device, the tool is called Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery. Let's see how to restore lost data.

  • Download the toolDr.Fone Android Data Recovery from here.
  • Install the software on your Windows PC and start the software.
  • After launching the software, a screen appears asking you to connect the Android device to the PC. Then connect the device with a quality USB cable.

recover data 3

  • During the connection, make sure that USB Debuggingis enabled on your Android device. If not activated, possible to ask Settings Options for Developers USB Debugging. (If you don't see Developer Options in Settings, go to Iphone number click 7 times on the Build number to activate it). However, just follow the steps on screen.

recover data 4

  • Once the software detects your smartphone, click Come on to start the device analysis. It will take some time for the scan to complete and depends totally on the speed of writing, the storage capacity and the amount of data on the device. If you have roots permissions on the device, you can also grant root permissions if required.

recover data 5

  • Finally, when the scan is complete, select the files you want to recover and click on the button Restore to restore lost files.

This all. Would you like to tell us if you can recover lost files?