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How to measure ADSL: the best apps

measure adsl

For test the quality of an ADSL connection need to discover the actual values ??of download speed and upload speed. These are fundamental parameters in order to be able to judge the connection of the house in the best way and check if our Internet access actually takes place at high speed. So, we ask ourselves, how to measure ADSL speed? To measure ADSL you need to do a speed test using a PC or notebook connected to our operator's modem, which we use to access the Internet.

The tools to measure ADSL

The speed test it is an effective and immediate tool to test your ADSL connection and therefore evaluate the actual download and upload speed values. Here, then, are the best tools to analyze your ADSL and Fiber network.


The best known speed test without a doubt Ookla Speedtest.

Before taking the test to measure ADSL, contact the customer service of your telephone operator to find out what the nominal values, or the maximum reachable, are of the download and upload speeds of your ADSL network. In this way it will be easier for you to make a comparison, at the end of the speed test, with the actual measured values ??and the other offers that you can activate on the network.


Another service to measure the speed of your ADSL network

If you already know the exact nominal values ??of the speed of your ADSL you can immediately proceed with the speed test. Make sure there are no other devices connected to your modem or other programs running on your PC that can reduce the effective navigation band. For example, do not make any downloads during the speed test.

EOLO Speed ??Test

Among the many services to measure ADSL, we also report EOLO Speed ??test, which like the others, measures download and upload speed as well as PING.

After you have connected to the official speed test page, you will only need to enter all the required data and proceed with the speed test that will allow you to measure the quality of your ADSL. One of the most interesting aspects of this test is the possibility of comparing the results obtained with the nominal values ??guaranteed by other ADSL offers. If, for example, your offer has a very high cost but the actual navigation speed is very low, among the test results you will also find other more advantageous rates that you can activate directly online to improve your connection and save.

It's clear that to make a real upgrade of your home connection you will have to, play strength, opt for one new offer that provides access to the Internet via fiber optic network.


We also recommend SpeedCheck. This online speedtest service is also available on iOS and Android.

SpeedCheck presents a simple interface containing essential information to evaluate the power of your ADSL or FIBER. You'll find information like latency, download and upload speed, as well as your service provider and your computer's IP.

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<p>SpeedCheck is an ADSL test tool that tells you exactly the speed at which you navigate at specific times. This is the first step to understand what may be the problem of a slow internet connection.</p>
<p><strong>With the fiber optic you can exceed the 20 Mega download limit </strong>and make the most of the latest Internet connection technologies. If you are reached by an FTTC type fiber you can surf up to 50 Mega in download while if you are reached by FTTH fiber you can easily reach 100 Mega. In some areas of the country, moreover, several operators have already exceeded the limit of 100 Mega and to date offer offers with connections to 200 Mega (Fastweb) or 300 Mega (TIM). With Vodafone some customers can already reach a 1 Gbps connection (1 Gbps is equivalent to 1024 Mega).</p>
<p>It is always advisable to check periodically if your home is reached by the fiber optic of some fixed telephony operator. <strong>The transition from ADSL to optical fiber </strong>represents a real generational step forward that will allow you to make the most of all the services on the web, such as, for example, streaming high-resolution video content.</p>
<p>You may also be interested in this guide which suggests how to measure the speed of your fiber optic for any operator.</p>
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