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How to integrate and use Plex with Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo undoubtedly a great intelligent speaker. run by Amazon's Alexa and can perform a myriad of tasks, such as ordering things from Amazon, calling a taxi, setting up alarms and reminders and much more. The echo also has a rich ecosystem of supported skills with which it can integrate. These skills unlock a lot of additional potential within Amazon Echo.

Recently, Plex also released an ability for Amazon Echo. For the uninitiated, Plex a media server application that you can use to create a central hub of all media and access it from anywhere on the Internet. With the integration of Plex for Echo, you can now use Alexa's voice commands to access and use your Plex media server. Therefore, here is how to integrate Plex with Amazon Echo:

Setting up a Plex server

Before you can integrate Plex Skill with Amazon Echo, you will need to configure a Plex server on your system. This can be done very easily, and for free (unless you want extra functionality, in which case $ 4, 99 / month), and if you don't have a Plex server yet, just follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Plex website e sign in with your email. Once registered, the web app will start searching for Plex servers. Click on " Download Plex Media Server ".

  • Select the download compatible with your operating system and click on "Download".

  • Once the server is installed, that's it start it and a configuration screen will appear in the web app. Give your server a name and click "Next" .

  • You will then be given the option to choose the libraries you want to add to Plex. You can easily add or remove libraries here. Once done, Click "Next" .

  • If you want to download Plex apps for your mobile devices, you can do it now. Or click " Done ".

  • Plex scans your libraries e automatically import your media files in the server.

Great! You have correctly configured a Plex server on your system. Now, we just need to enable Plex Skill on Echo, and we'll all be ready!

Integrate Plex with Amazon Echo

Integrating your Plex server with Echo is actually a very simple process. However, for the sake of clarity, take this step by step. So, you can simply follow these steps to enable Plex Skill on your Echo device with Alexa technology:

  • Access the Amazon Echo website . Here, click on "Enable" from the sidebar.

  • Search for "Plex" in the research Ability press Enter .

  • Click Plex Skill and click "Skills".

  • You will need to authenticate your account by accessing the Plex website and clicking the button "Authorize" .

The Plex skill will now be enabled on Amazon Echo and you can use voice commands to use your Plex server. Let's talk about how you can use Plex Skill with Amazon Echo, right?

Using Plex Skill on Amazon Echo

With Plex Skill enabled on Amazon Echo, you can do a lot of things on your Plex server. you can ask Plex to reproduce something that you recently added, play a random episode of the TV shows you have or even make Plex suggest something to you to watch. There are many different commands that you will like to use on Amazon Echo.

1. Change the default player

If you configured Plex exactly as I described it, chances are your default Plex reader has been set up on your web browser. However, if you have multiple devices connected to the Plex server, you can set one as the default reader.

D only " Alexa, ask Plex to change my default player ". Echo will communicate all the devices connected to your Plex server and you can change the default reader to whatever you want.

Note : if only a Plex reader is connected to your system, it will automatically be chosen as the default media player.

2. Change the default Plex server

If you have configured multiple servers on Plex and want to use one to work with your Echo, here's how you can do it easily:

D simply " Alexa ask Plex to change my default server ". Alexa will tell you the list of available servers and you can choose what you want and set it as default.

3. Basic Plex controls for Alexa

Use your Plex server with Alexa very simple. There is a complete list of voice commands supported by Plex Skill and you can check it on the official Plex website. However, here are some of the basic commands you can use with Plex Skill:

  • Play music: " Alexa, give Plex some music "
  • Reproduction Control: " Alexa, d to Plex to play / pause / stop "
  • Get suggestions for movies / TV shows: " Alexa, ask Plex to suggest something to watch "
  • Play a particular movie / TV show: " Alexa, ask Plex to play The Big Lebowski "
  • Keep watching: " Alexa, ask Plex what I was in the middle of "

Control your Plex Server with voice commands from Amazon Echo

With Plex Skill for Amazon Echo, you can now easily control your Plex media server from anywhere in the house. Ask Alexa to tell Plex what you want him to do. There is a fair number of commands you can use with Plex, and Plex Skill certainly a great addition to the Ability ecosystem that Echo already has. Also, thanks to Alexa's exceptional voice recognition, you probably won't even have to repeat yourself. So, have you already used Plex with Amazon Echo? And are you excited about using Plex with voice commands? Let us know your thoughts on Amazon Echo, Plex and Plex Skill, in the comments section below.