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How to install NDS emulator on iOS 9

In one of our articles we have already shown how to install a Gameboy emulator on iOS 10. If you are also a fan of consoles Nintendo, then you will be pleased to know that possibleinstall NDS emulatorof theNintendo DSon all devices with iOS 9 without Jailbreak.

Apple does not allow developers to upload any platform emulators to the App Store. This makes the distribution of these apps different from simply downloading a game from the iOS store. If you like me, you can't wait to play your favorite games for Nintendo DSon your iPhone is iPad updated to iOS 9, all you have to do is follow this guide. I'll show you how to install NDSsu emulator on iOS 9 (nds4iosversion 2.0).

NOTE: it may happen that sometimes it is impossible to install the NDS emulator. This problem is caused by the fact that Apple withdraws the certificate with which the app is signed, causing an error during installation.

How to install NDS emulator on iOS 9 (nds4ios 2.0)

If you have updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 10, I suggest you read the new guide we created on how to install the Nintendo DS emulator on iOS 10.

Despite nds4iosnot available on the App Store, the installation of this Nintendo DS emulator on iOS 9 is not a very difficult operation. Anyway, to show you how to install the Nintendo DS emulator on iOS 9. So you can play your favorite games on iOS too.

Install emulator on iPhone and iPad

  • The first thing you need to do from your updated iPhone or iPad to iOS 9 is to access the site
  • At this point select the icon Apps to view the list of apps that can be installed on your device.
  • Scroll down the list, search for the app nda4iosand click on it.

install NDS emulator 1

  • A new screen will appear in which you must press the button install.
  • A pop-up with written will appear wants to install "nds4ios". Click on Install.

Nintendo DS emulator 2

  • Go back to the home page and wait for the download to complete.
  • If the error message appears "Unable to download app. At the moment it is impossible to install nds4ios", Click onendand delete the app. Now open the iOS Settings and go toGeneral->Date and timeand deselect the itemautomatic. Open Safari again and click on the button to start downloading nds4ios. Quickly return to the settings and change the date in order to have a date belonging to 2014 (any date between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014 is fine). Go back to the menu by clicking on top leftGeneralto confirm the new date and return to the Home Page. nds4iosshould have installed correctly. The operation of the date change must be carried out very quickly, so if you find any problems try again.
  • At this point you can return to the Settings and enable the automatic date and time again.
  • At the end of the installation do not start the emulator but go to Settings -> General -> Device management. You'll see that below BUSINESS APP present a call option Guangdong Weking Group Shunde Elect …. Select it and then click on the button authorize. From the pop-up, confirm the choice by clicking again authorize.
  • Return to the home page of your iPhone or iPad and click on the app nds4iosto start it.

Transfer your NDS emulator

At this point you can start using the emulator nds4ioson iPhone and iPad with iOS 9. A very simple procedure to transfer games to the emulator.

  • After you get the game ROM with extension nds, connect the iPhone or iPad to the PC and start iTunes.
  • Select your device from the top bar of iTunes and open the tabApp.
  • Scroll down the lower list of apps on your device and selectnds4ios.
  • Drag the ROM with extensionnds in the iTunes emulator related sections.


When the transfer is complete, you can disconnect the device from the PC and start upnds4iosto be able to start playing your favorite games. If you continue to have problems installing nds4ios, I suggest you see the video below. Shows how to install GBA4iOS using a bug in the date of iOS 9. The similar procedure for nds4ios and the video could help you solve the problem.

If you are a fan of older generation consoles and would like to play them on your iPhone or iPad, then I suggest you take a look at our collection of emulators for iPhone and iPad.