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How to get root permissions on Samsung Galaxy A5 SM-A510 (2016) with Android 5.1.1

Once the installation of a customized recovery on the smartphone is completed Samsung Galaxy A5 can install SuperSU diChainfire so that the device concedes root permissions to the applications that require them. Moreover, with root hypermessi the Samsung Galaxy A5 smartphone allows you to install a custom ROM or a custom kernel. A custom kernel is often an addition to the world of customizing an Android device, but incredibly useful if you want to overclock the processor clock. In this guide we see how to get root permissions on Samsung Galaxy A5 SM-A510 (2016) with Android 5.1.1.

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To get root permissions on Samsung Galaxy A5 SM-A510, you must first install a custom recovery and then perform the procedure with SuperSU. you can readthis guidewhere you can find the procedurehow to install TWRP Recovery on the Samsung Galaxy A5 SM-A510, and then come back with the present guide.

Before starting

  • Download the Samsung USB drivers for the Samsung Galaxy A5 and install them on your computer before starting with the guide steps. Idriver from Samsung will help you connect the device to ilinol Odin.
  • If you choose to get root permissions from your Galaxy A5 smartphone, you will void the Samsung device warranty. Furthermore, if you continue with this guide, any device with Samsung Knox security will no longer be eligible for the warranty even if you perform the unroot.

How to get root permissions on Samsung Galaxy A5 SM-A510 (2016) with Android 5.1.1

  • Download SuperSU for the Samsung Galaxy A5 from this link.
  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy A5 smartphone to your computer – it can be any computer, not just a Windows PC.
  • Copy the zip file SuperSUin the root folder of the internal SD memory card of the Samsung Galaxy A5 smartphone.
  • Disconnect the Samsung Galaxy A5 smartphone from your computer once you have copied the file to the SD card.
  • Launch the Samsung Galaxy A5 smartphone inmodal recovery. You should be able to log in modalitrecovery by first turning off the device and then restarting it and pressing it simultaneously.Volume Up + Home + Power.
  • Select the option "Backup?From the menu of TWRP and faiun Nandroid backup in case you want to restore the device later.
  • Select the option "install?And browse the SD card to find the file SuperSUthat you previously put on the internal SD memory card.
  • Click to confirm whether you want to install the file SuperSU when you are asked to do so on the display.
  • Select the option "Reboot system now?From the main recovery menu once SuperSU installed on your device.

The Samsung Galaxy A5 smartphone will reboot normally with the root permissions already active. You will notice that the app is now included in the appSuperSU.This application just installed from the recovery devitenerlasul device until nondesideri unroot on the smartphone Samsung Galaxy A5.