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How to create a free website with Wix

One of the web 2.0 revolutions was to allow anyone to create a free website. No longer need to be a programmer or a marketing expert to open a site. In fact, there are several services that deal with managing the entire technical part, leaving the user the responsibility to write and upload the contents. All it takes is just one idea and so much passion.

Wix one of the online services that provide people with everything they need to build a website for free. a portal that spread widely over the years thanks to its ease of use. In just a few steps you choose the name of the site, create the interface that the site will have and immediately get online. If you are a beginner and you also want to create a free website with Wix, this guide will show you how. We will introduce you to the Wix control panel and show you how it works. Ready? Let's begin!

Create a free website with Wix

1. Register on Wix and choose the site genre

The first operation you need to do is to register on the official Wix website. This operation is very simple and it will take you a few seconds to do it. Just enter your email address, a password and confirm.

At the end of the registration you will be asked what kind of site you want to create. The rich choice ranges from music, e-commerce or blog sites.

create a free website

In my case I chose Blog as a site category. A new page will open in which we will have to decide whether to choose a template of our liking and to personalize it or to leave this calculation to the artificial intelligence of Wix. In this second case, questions will be asked to be answered. The Wix engine will analyze them and provide us with a graphical interface that meets all the requirements.

create a free website 1

The purpose of this guide is to show the steps to make a free website from scratch. Therefore we will create a template together. By clicking on Choose a template we will be shown a series of themes that we can use for our site. Dozens of themes are available, all divided by category. You can also show the most recently uploaded or the most popular themes. The really wide choice and embraces different styles, from the most minimal to the most whimsical.

create a free website 2

To get an idea of ??each theme you can choose to see a preview by moving the mouse over each of them and clicking on the button You see. We will be able to browse through the pages and get an idea of ??the features that each template offers.

To proceed with the construction of the site, click on the button Edit.

create a free website 3

A new page will open that allows you to customize the newly selected theme to the smallest detail.

Customize your site's template

The template customization page shows in the foreground a video made by Wix that introduces new users to the use of the control panel. To get an idea of ??how this area works, imagine it as a design area where you can drag the elements we need. In this way we can literally design the website to make it more similar to what we have in mind.

create a free website 4

Through the menu on the left side we can choose the new elements we want to insert on the site. The choice varies between new elements of the menu, page backgrounds, text elements, videos, social media widgets and much more. there is also an internal wix store in which to search for new elements to be included in the site. For example, it is possible to integrate an additional service free of charge to insert a comment section on the site pages. All in simplicity and in a few steps. You can of course create new pages and customize them starting from the header and ending with the footer.

Having chosen Blog as a category of my site, I am provided with an area in which I can create and manage new articles. Easy to use text editor and contains everything you need. You can insert images, formatted text and you have information about the length of the article and the average reading time.

During the realization of the template you can have a preview of what has been done, so as to have an overall view. Each theme is optimized to work best on smartphones and tablets. All contents automatically adapt to the various screen sizes and you can preview them at any time.

create a free website 5

3. Publication of the site

Once the site has been customized, it can be published. First of all, choose the name of the site and its address. To do this, select the item Site from the menu above and then click on Site manager. In this section you can give the site a name and define its address. Being a free site, the domain will include the word in the name. For example, in my case the address If you want to get a more professional name and remove the suffix from the address, you need to upgrade your account.

After choosing the site name you can finish its publication. Click on the menu item Site and then on Public. Done! The public website is ready to be viewed.

create a free website 6


Wix provides everything you need to create a complete free website. If you want to get more information about the service, I suggest you visit the official page that explains how to create a website simply.