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How to copy apps and data between two Android devices

Buying a new mobile phone is always a pleasant feeling, but the only thing that can ruin the mood is the thought of copying all the data from the old device to the new one. If you want to move from Android to iOS, you can use the app to iOS. But if you need to copy to an Android device, I can tell you something that can be very useful. The name of the app CLONEitwhich allows copy apps and data from the old device to the new one without a sweat. And the best thing for free!

So let's see how to use the application to copy apps and data efficiently from the old Android to the new one.

Preparation of phones by following apps and data with CLONEit

To start copying apps and data, you need to download and install the application CLONEit on both Android devices. The free application is provided without any purchase or in-app restrictions. Once the app is installed on the sender device, ready to start the transfer. But some modifications must be made at the end on the receiving device so that the imported applications can be installed automatically without problems.

copy apps and data 1

The first thing you need to activate is the ability to install applications from unknown sources and the options are below Security settings. For the user's convenience, the application adds an auto installation script for accessibility options. Activate this option so that all applications can be installed without problems on the new phone.

copy apps and data 2

Now you have to open the application on both devices and click on them respectively the sender and recipient button. A hotspot will automatically start on the phone that will act as the sender and the receiving device will try to connect directly to it. Once the connection is made, the receiving device can see the name of the sending phone in the receiver's radar. Just click and confirm on the phone icon to start the transfer and ecop app and data.

copy apps and data 3

Next, you will be asked to select the apps and practices you want to transfer withCLONEit on the new device, or the inter-content. Instead of using the automatic method to run apps and data, you can choose to manually select individual specific items.

copy apps and data 4

At the start of the transfer, the things about qualisi must pay attention are the contacts and the applications. If you use Google to synchronize your contacts and the account already set up on your new phone, you should revoke the transfer of contacts or you could have all the duplicate contacts. For applications, make sure you don't transfer bloatware from the old device.

copy apps and data 5

Thanks to the script of the accessibility settings, everything will happen inautomatic and avril new phone with all the data contained in the previous device in no time. Restart your phone once the transfer is complete, this is the best way to get everything you've synced right away.

Why the best one?

There are some reasons that make it CLONEit better than other applications available for copying apps and data.

  • It is free to use without any limitation.
  • No data cable required or a Wi-Fi hotspot. The sender automatically starts the phone's hotspot and uses it to connect to the receiver.
  • Includes an installation script so that all new applications are installed automatically.
  • None of your data will be loaded into the cloude this guarantees complete privacy.

In my opinionCLONEit the best method to run apps and data from an Android phone while maintaining privacy. If you come across an app that you think may be better than CLONEit, you can communicate it in the comments.