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HERE and Mobileye, together for the autonomous HD guide

HERE and Mobileye have signed an agreement to integrate HD maps with data from the Mobileye autonomous driving systems.

HERE and Mobileye, are among the most important companies dealing with technology for smart vehicles: Here for maps and Mobileye for autonomous driving. The two companies have announced their strategic plan that connects their respective autonomous driving technologies in an industrial project that aims at car manufacturers, in order to pursue initiatives in mutual collaboration:

Integration of the Mobileye Roadbook with HERE's HD Live Map

The Roadbook will be integrated with your data in HERE HD Live Map, a real-time cloud service for partially, highly or completely automated vehicles. Roadbook information will provide a contextual awareness, combining road information with reference points to make vehicles react more and more accurately, even when positioning on the road.

Mobileye's use of HERE's Open Location Platform

Mobileye will use the HERE platform for the acquisition and processing of sensors and therefore to monitor data (Road Segment Data, RSD) and establish a dynamic maintenance of Roadbook products. The Open Location Platform represents the next generation of HERE localization platforms, and was developed to support the processes of real-time localization processing, in order to make this service useful for the industry, particularly the automotive one.

HERE will use sensors and data analysis from Mobileye

HERE will use RSD, but also the Global Roadbook (GLRB), which will be collected and aggregated by some vehicles equipped with Mobileye technology to support the changes and to update the HD Live Map of HERE.

Identify changes in the real world, adjusting the maps accordingly, of critical importance for automated vehicles to plan improved driving strategies. With more sensors available, databases can be updated faster.

"We are building a global HD map that is becoming the standard for autonomous driving and other IoT applications that require precise information and localized services"Said Edzard Overbeek, CEO of HERE." We are expanding rapidly and I am very satisfied with the way we have been able to accelerate our projects with Mobileye, a strategic partner that shares our vision of the automotive industry, but also of other industrial sectors ".

The two companies will also explore potential opportunities in cases where their products and services are complementary to additional support for car manufacturers intent on advancing their autonomous driving and, in general, their mobility strategies.


HERE, the Open Location Platform company, allows people, businesses and cities to exploit every potential of localization. It thus becomes the means to make sense of the world, for example, by helping a city manage infrastructure, optimizing a company's assets, or even driving drivers of a vehicle to its destination in an increasingly secure manner. To learn more about HERE: and


Mobileye N.V. deals with computing, machine learning, data analysis, localization and autonomous driving mapping to support drivers. The technology of this company makes driving on the road safer, reducing the risk of accidents, saving lives and revolutionizing the driving experience thanks to automation.

The company has predictive algorithms that can provide a detailed interpretation of the visual field to prevent collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, animals or even more generic obstacles. It is also possible to identify traffic dividers, lanes, barriers and similar unforeseen events by correctly identifying road signs, directional signs and traffic lights. These tools are being integrated into vehicle models produced by more than car manufacturers.

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