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Harman Kardon, JBL, AKG for iPod and Mac at home and in the car

Harman Kardon has brought its latest iPod solution to the Expo by car. It is drive + play, which Macity has already spoken about in the past. It is a real system composed of an interface for the connection of the player to the car stereo, of a display that reproduces the information that the iPod reads and transmits on the integrated screen and a satellite to control the player.

Drive + Play, which at the stand of Harman Kardon occupies a prominent space and very "popular" by visitors, interested in the elegance of the solution, will be marketed in Europe in the coming days. Since it contains an FM broadcast device it may not arrive at least at the distributors and stores in Italy.

In addition to Drive + Play, Harman Kardon (which also features the JBL home brand), brought OnStage 2 to Paris, a table-top system for iPod amplification. Unlike the first version, the second release also has a remote control.

Finally, the new AKG headphones (K27i and K701) with an iPod look were exhibited at the stand.

Harman Kardon products in Italy are distributed by Kenwood and American Data Line (ADL)

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