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Google opens the Actions on Google to developers

Google Assistant digital assistant to Google, soon could become even more effective.

When Google introduced its first assistant earlier this year, the service seemed to have great potential. Unfortunately, in the experimentation through the new Home speakers and Pixel smartphones, it should be noted that the digital assistant is rather limited. Now that Google has opened the Assistant development platform, the service could finally meet expectations, as Google has long promised.

The platform that is called Actions on Google (Shares on Google), briefly described at the October event of the company, and seems to work as IFTTT. Developers will be able to create two types of actions: Direct and Conversation. For now, only Conversation Actions are available.

Through conversations it will be possible to create an answer and response with Assistant and not to allow users to enable features or install applications, they can ask and speak to their own action.

The developers that they were interested in Actions on Google, they can request to become partners with early access to try out future features, and those wishing to start with Conversation Actions will be able to double-check Actions for the Google website.

The company promises to bring the integrations of the developers to other services and devices on which Assistant is enabled, such as the Allo application and the Pixel phones.

It is said that the support for purchases and reservations is also coming, as well as a deeper "manoeuvrable" Assistant integration through Actions on Google, but it is not clarified when these features will be active. Finally, the Google digital assistant seems to have many features, which will allow the supported devices to become potentially even more smart as well as useful.

Actions on google Assistant