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Finally the DVI to ADC converter.

Finally the DVI to ADC converter.

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It is called "Part No. T2795" and we know that it is not an Apple product, but at the same time we do not yet know who produces it, it is a DVI-ADC converter, which is what allows the "old" Apple displays with DVI (part numbers M7612 / A and M7478 / A), models prior to those introduced in July in the context of New York City's MacWorld, to work if connected to the new PowerMacintosh G4 (Cube and tower) which, in fact, have the new interface ( single cable) ADC.

Where do you buy it? For now only at the British App Store at 82,500 (+ VAT) and delivery times are two days.

For those interested, access the product by clicking on the video accessories page.

ULTIMERA: It has just appeared also on the Italian AppleStore, where it is timidly seen in a small image, it costs 99,000 including VAT but you have to wait 20 days for it.

Now the retailer world is also looking forward to the possibility of also obtaining an adapter to connect the new monitors to machines equipped with standard VGA sockets. In this case it would become possible not only to use the new Apple monitors on the old Macs but also the new PC monitors. Which would result in an increase in sales. We hope that at Apple (or somewhere else) they understand it.

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