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Facebook, longer videos and promotion for the most engaging

Facebook aims to increase the viewing time of a video, introducing longer videos, thus emulating what happens in front of the TV.

The social giant is aiming to increase the viewing time of a shared video on the platform, introducing longer videos, thus emulating what happens in front of the TV. But how do you incentivize this mode of transmission and sharing? Nothing could be simpler: rewarding video creators who create clips that are not only long, but engaging.This is the latest change in Facebook, which had already begun to give more visibility to anyone who published a video, for every user who had viewed it for at least three seconds. Qhis reward system, along with the fact that Facebook automatically plays videos when scrolling the feed, has made the social media pointing to publishers capable of producing engaging videos, capable of attracting the attention of users right away. Currently, Facebook still recognizes to video creators every view that exceeds three seconds, at the same time it is developing its own algorithm in order to emphasize the longest videos, those able to capture the attention of the public and to be shared. The longer the videos are watched, the more promotion this content will be guaranteed.This initiative is part of a series of new measures taken by Facebook to give importance to the duration of the vision, a type of metric that YouTube has been taking into account for some time. What is Facebook pointing to? Most likely to attract television, so that it shares some of its content even via social media. For this reason Facebook is launching a new "mid-roll", in essence, an advertising format to be included in videos that exceed at least 90 seconds in duration. as if Facebook was telling publishers that to make money they need to make long clips capable of keeping the attention of users. Facebook presented this novelty in an official blog post:If you look at all or most of a video, we can establish that the video was convincing. Completing a long video involves a series of far greater efforts than watching a short clip. As we continue to try to understand how our community consumes video, we have realized that we must recognize something at the completion of longer videos rather than penalize them. Which is why the longest videos, able to spend more time in front of the screen, will enjoy an adequate distribution on the platform.