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Facebook copies Snapchat and introduces the Stories

Facebook has officially started the test phase of the Stories that will appear at the top of the timeline news, "copying" Snapchat and Instagram.

It was just a matter of time. Since Instagram has decided to replicate the idea on which Snapchat was based, making the Stories one of the many tools available via the app, users have started using them daily, without going through Snapchat. Now to provide the same tool also arrives Facebook, which officially started the test phase of the Stories. There beta phase was launched in Ireland on both iOS and Android, with the intention of expanding the service to new nations in the coming months. The new functionality therefore allows for share ephemeral photos and videos which disappear automatically 24 hours after publication, and consists of a slideshow to which it will be possible to apply a myriad of filters and effects.

Facebook Stories

The photos and videos published in the Stories will not be automatically shared even on the traditional profile or in the timeline. In order for you to be able to comment on a story, you will have to send a message to those who posted it. Furthermore, the two typical Facebook options will not be made available: like or click on share. circle with the profile photo of someone who posted something, will allow you to watch the Stories published by friends and these will be placed prominently at the top of the app, so that you can't lose them. Although it seems that the function is identical to that of Instagram, it will be interesting to find out if Facebook differentiates it in some way. After all, we all use Instagram and Facebook differently. Conventionally through Instagram we collect moments of everyday life, while more and more often Facebook acts as a diary, a historical archive in which chronologically conserve texts and images. An option could be hypothesized that would allow us to post the same story on both platforms, simultaneously, at the bottom of Facebook, but also Instagram, they already post content on social media with a click.

But Why did Facebook decide to launch a new attempt to copy Snapchat? The strategic move. But let's first come to the statements from the company: Facebook has long been the place to share with friends and family, but the way people share is changing significantly and differently than that of five or even two years ago . These are much more visual and immediate impact sharing, with more photos and videos than ever before. We want to make it faster and more fun for people to share creative and expressive photos and videos with whoever they want, whenever they want ?.The precedents of Facebook to emulate Snapchat tools were stored in two distinct applications: Poke and Slingshot, features hidden in the long list of menus present in the news feed. So if the beta phase of the tests should lead to a success, it will soon be impossible to use Facebook without showing the Stories. how the Stories will be displayed via desktop, and one wonders if there is any equivalence between mobile service and website.

The fact that Instagram Stories have reached 150 million users a day – in just 5 months of using this sharing format – suggests that Facebook Stories may prove extremely popular.

Facebook has built a feature similar to Stories called hotfixes that was tested in July 2016, function filed already in August, after about a month. Apparently the success of Instagram Stories has changed the mind of the social giant, potentially putting both Snapchat and the upcoming OPA in difficulty: preventing Snapchat from growing further, especially internationally. If possible there is a similar feature on the most used social media in the world, probably many will be content to use a clone.