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Facebook at Work released: it allows you to separate work and private life

diciembre 4, 2019

Facebook at Work, the new creature that Menlo Park has dedicated to companies being tested with selected partners

Facebook at Work 2

The Financial Times had said it, and in fact here it is: Facebook at Work. Not for everyone for. The new creation of Zuckerberg's company takes up some of the tools we already know (News Feed, Groups, messages and events), but promises that the experience will be different.

Facebook at Work was designed to be used within companies, so that "Employee information on Facebook at Work is safe, secure, confidential and completely separate from those of your personal profile". Just to reassure the most skeptical about privacy issues.

Facebook at Work available on the App Store and Play Store, currently only for partners who are participating in the test phase. For more information, let's wait a few months.


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