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DLO, a dock for the iPod "home"

DLO introduced Home Dock, a system for fixed and home-made iPod connectivity yesterday.

The device, very similar to a traditional iPod dock, aimed at all those who want to use the player at home, to connect it to a stereo or a TV, but also to the computer.

Black in color, the Home Dock has a connector that is compatible with all iPods (excluding first series ones without dock and shuffle), including nano, RCA plugs, S-video and composite and USB. Included in the package is also a remote control to remotely control the player and a power supply to charge iPod while listening to it.

The cost of the Home Dock, which was not among the products displayed at the opening of Apple Expo but appeared only yesterday in preview, costs $ 99 in the US.

Several "live" images are presented on this page

For Europe the price has not yet been fixed. The launch should take place next month.