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Creativity is mobile: 5 tools for digital artists

Photography, music, videomaking and writing seen through a set of apps that transform tablets and smartphones into palettes and digital scores

Mobile creativity. That lightning arrives in the perfect solitude of a sunset, with the subway neighbor sleeping on the shoulder or contemplating the shape of chewing gum squashed on the asphalt as it was done by children with that of the clouds in the sky, it matters little. For those with an artistic mind and skill, there are as many stimuli as the techniques available.

The problem, if anything, is to channel concepts, sounds and colors at the moment of maximum inspiration. here that technology, in addition to the inevitable creative flair, can play its role. With apps and software that expand the possibilities and create new forms of expression, or simplify the most used ones.

So here is what can be useful in the quiver (and portable devices) of today's artists.

Adobe Creative Cloud (subscription for iOS)Adobe CCOkay Instagram filters but also professional photo editing has now learned to be immediate. And variegated. Adobe makes itself into 4 for image lovers: Shape allows you to capture any shape and transform it into a vector object, Color enrich your pantone in an instant, drawing directly from the surrounding reality, Brush it allows to transform any image or fantasy into the sign that the brush will leave on the screen e Sketch finally, a useful link between Photoshop and Illustrator. the connection to the community of Behance, while the subscription plans are different depending on the category of users and the products included.

SoundCloud (free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone)SoundCloudThere are plenty of tuners, metronomes and musical instrument emulators. To find a song there is no problem, Shazam and SoundHound think about it, to elaborate it Garage Band and companions give you a hand but for upload your own virtuosity in a social perspective in a few they match SoundCloud. Access with Facebook and Google+, record your sound creations and also share them on Twitter and Tumblr. Geolocation included, so as not to lose contact with the places of inspiration.

Candy font (free for iOS)Candy fontWho said that you only paint with strokes of ink and watercolors? Word lovers find trusted companions in Evernote, WordPress and the like. Flexible and fast as few if you need to publish a post on a blog, but not very suitable to give a proper graphic look to the texts that accompany the images. Where they don't arrive, Font Candy arrives, a kind of encyclopedia of figurative typography. Not by chance for Apple products, given the founder's passion for calligraphy and fonts.

Adobe Premiere Clip (subscription for iOS)Adobe Premiere ClipLediting counts in terms of image, sound and, more importantly, audiovisual content. Here too, the available apps are many but the completeness of the rather unique Adobe package: full compatibility with the desktop version, quick assembly and sharing but most of all cloud functionality and perfect synchronization between the various devices. Fixed and mobile, since the licenses are no longer restricted to individual devices but directly connected to the user (Adobe ID), which can thus be managed with great freedom. Use and movement.

IsoPix Pixel Art Editor (Free for Android)IsoPixFans of 8-bit, unite. Nostalgic of Commodore 64 and Atari, wake up. Even an icon, however small, can be sculpted and filed down to the last detail, created with the care of an ancient netsuke. With IsoPix and a handful of colors you can revive the eighties computer graphics in all its splendor. Geek at the right point.


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