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Chrome Remote Desktop, now also for iOS

The app allows you to access your home PC remotely, using your smartphone or tablet

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

Android users have already had it for months, while iOS users were still waiting, despite the news circulating a long time. Now finally the app Chrome Remote Desktop also available for download from the App Store. It makes something very simple to explain and very convenient for various uses (usually more working than leisure): it allows you to access a PC directly from your smartphone.

The first step is to install the homonymous app on Chrome and configure the PC you want to make available for access. After that, just open the app on iPhone or iPad and select the PCin issue to connect and use it from wherever you are (must be access, of course).

Not the only app that lets you do this, but Chrome Remote Desktop has the advantage of going live in the Google ecosystem: a convenience for those who already have a Big G. account


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