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Burner, the app for disposable phone numbers

After the mailbox that self-destructs in 10 minutes, here is Burner, the app that generates temporary numbers to send and receive calls and messages


To separate professional life from private life, better get a dual SIM, going straight around with two phones, or keeping a reserve SIM in your wallet? None of the two. The best thing to have a smartphone to use the "Burner" app, which creates phone numbers for voice and text calls later destroy them any time you prefer.

Greg Cohn and his partner, in 2012, were working on a product that alerted when the user was free for a call, complete with social sharing (in fact, almost a nightmare). Precisely working on this they realized that the most requested function was the generation of a temporary number.

What is more interesting, the use that users make of it. If in the imagination Burners would be the perfect app for drug dealers or anyone who needs to hide something, in reality most of the users are policemen, lawyers, taxi drivers and teachers, who need to put a separation between private and public life. In some cases, it also served to deal with the lack of business phones.

Thus, after the temporary mailbox, your phone number also self-destructs. In the latest update of the app, in addition to renewing the design, the option to send photos was introduced.


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